Perfect your man’s maintenance routine by catering his grooming essentials to his personality. Find out what is best for your man with these personality insights.

The Dude

Tell tale signs you’re dealing with a dude : He can’t understand why people wash jeans. He thinks using deodorant is the equivalent of “showering.” His ideal meal is Kraft Dinner, the original. He can build (or fix) anything, as long as you have adequate tools and beer. His grooming routine consists of a lone bar of soap. He is a fan of facial hair. Correction, he is a fan of not shaving. He periodically carries an axe.

Male grooming tips when dealing with a dude
: Keep it simple ladies. This is a no-nonsense man who will refuse any grooming routine that involves more than one step. A multi-purpose product, like Jack Black’s 2-in-1 liquid cleanser, works as a cleanser and toner to remove dirt and oil, without drying skin for a one-size-fits-all approach to grooming.

His perfect scent: This woody scent is a rugged yet classic blend, best worn with jeans and a tee shirt. Axe Anarchy for Him Body Spray ($7.50 for 15 mL)


The Suit

Tell tale signs you’re dealing with a suit
: He answers the phone with the word “Yes.” He eats steak three times a week. He uses several styling products in his hair. He frequently takes longer than his girlfriend to primp. His idea of doing laundry is dropping his clothes off at the dry-cleaner. He has mastered the art of gift giving. (Just ask his secretary.) He delights in working 100-hour workweeks. You suspect he is a cyborg.

Male grooming tips when dealing with a suit
: If you thought you were high maintenance, you’re nothing compared to this pampered prince. This man is a fan of quality and luxury and is willing to invest more than 10 dollars (and 10 minutes) in his grooming routine. The Australian-brand Aesop’s Dapper Gentlemen kit of five fundamentals—which includes cleanser, toner and lip balm– is the ideal kit to round out his routine. Added bonus? The 100mL bottles are carry-on approved and the svelte carrying case will serve him well on his many business trips.

His perfect scent
: This powerful blend of birch leaf and cardamom, is a heady mix for a high-stress boardroom meeting.

Boss Hugo Boss Bottled Night Eau de Toilette Spray ($88 for 100mL)

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The Dilatant

Tell tale signs you are dealing with a dilatant: He occasionally applies cologne directly from a magazine. He describes “ironing” as hanging a shirt by the shower. He has used a serum before but has no idea what it does. He always opens doors for women (including car doors). He considers “taking the next step” in a relationship as giving his lady the pink attachment to his electronic toothbrush.

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Male grooming tips when dealing with a dilatant: Your man does care about his appearance (the good news) but he is not great about staying committed to it (the not so good news). Think about it, when he tried the “scruffy” look, it was really just because he was out of shaving cream and hadn’t gone to replenish his supply. Your take away? If you stock your man’s cupboard, products will be used. Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum ($70) is paraben-free anti-aging moisturizer acts as a formidable line of defense against fine lines and wrinkles while serving as a moisturiser.

His perfect scent
: This mix patchouli and rum blends your man’s sensitive side with his rugged exterior.
Calvin Klein Encounter Eau de Toilette Spray ($87 for 100 mL)

The Jock

Tell tale signs you are dealing with a jock: He watches all sports all the time. He also watches the highlights on ESPN five minutes after the game ends. He rocks a (double) popped collar with Nike running shoes as his “feeling good/looking good” outfit. He shaves his chest (and lies about it). The waitresses at Real Sports know his name (and beer preference). He always meets girls who want piggyback rides.

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Male grooming tips when dealing with a jock
: Your man likes the gym (hey, we aren’t complaining). Keep him fresh and clean with a Nivea for men body-wash. Dermatologist tested to be safe for your hair and face, this all-over gel body wash is inflused with menthoyl to invigorate your man post workout,

His perfect scent
: The invigorating mix of pepper and mint will have your athletic man feeling ready to tackle thing on (and off) the field.
Givenchy Play Sport Eau de Toilette Spray ($65 for 50mL).

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The Player

Tell tale sign you’re dealing with a player: He blasts LMFAO while cruising in his neon-orange convertible. He wears graphic tees (that may be two sizes too small). He has perfectly groomed facial hair. He spends a considerable amount of time perfecting the exact length of his sideburns. He believes Cristiano Ronaldo is a living legend. He looks like Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Male grooming tips when dealing with a player:
This man likes to keep it fresh and clean, the Gilette Fusion ProGlide Styler ($25) is a 3-in-1 precision tool trims accurately, closely and evenly.

His perfect scent: This golden-flacon contains a juice that mixes leather, grapefruit and blood mandarin for a dominant and memorable scent.
Paco Rabanne One Million Eau de Toilette Spray ($78 for 100 mL)

The Gent

Tell tale signs you are dealing with a gent: He follows a strict grooming regimen and never forgets to floss. He folds his underpants. (No judgment.) He enjoys brunch with mimosas. His winter wardrobe isn’t complete without a cashmere scarf and leather gloves. He embraces environments that scare lowlier men. (Think B&Bs and spas.) He knows how to work the hell out of a cheese plate.

Male grooming tips when dealing with a gent: Any man who knows what brioche is, does not need to be trained in the ways of hygiene or maintenance. In fact, you may be able to learn something from your debonair cutie. Instead of trying to influence him, treat your man with a luxe leather fragrance case from Byredo. Byredo leather travel cases ($155 each)

His perfect scent:
Impeccable tailoring and his fastidious grooming routine (and a likely perfect smile) make this man destined to wear Tom Ford.
Tom Ford’s Lavender Palm mixes lemon blossom, lavender and bergamot together for a flawless blend.