You gotta love summer. The sun, the heat, the humidity – it’s our payoff for a long, bitter and harsh winter. And it’s all great … until your makeup starts melting, smudging, running and pulling a disappearing act. We are putting our makeup to the test this summer – it musn’t budge, smudge, slide or vanish – and Toronto-based makeup artist Anna Nenoiu gives us tips on how to actually make this reality. Here’s your best melt-proof, hot weather makeup tips.

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Embrace the heat
Stop stressing about the crazy heat and get your makeup to work with it, instead of against it. “Most of us think that putting on more powder is the secret, but loading up on powder can make you look cakey as the heat takes its toll,” advises Nenoiu. Opt for the always on trend summer glow instead. “Use a tinted moisturizer, powder your T-zone a bit, and put some blotting papers in your bag for the day,” she suggests. “I love using cream blush and bronzer in the summer to keep your skin looking healthy and natural. A little goes a long way in the heat!”

Less is more
The more you load on your face, the more chance it has to slip and slide around. “Face makeup is best kept at minimum so I suggest using a concealer only where needed to cover under-eye circles and redness around the nose and mouth area,” says Nenoiu. “Use a cheek stain to add freshness to your skin, and add a glow with bronzer to areas where the sun hits the face (forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin).”

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Think minimal eye makeup
Go light in the summer when it comes to your eye makeup routine. That means nixing the smoky eye and dark eye shadows that can end up looking harsh. “Black kohl pencils are a big no-no, as they tend to melt and run in the heat,” warns Nenoiu. “Instead, to emphasize the eyes use more natural shades like gold and brown. Most importantly don’t forget the importance of eye shadow primer to make sure your shadow stays put.”

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MeltProfMakeUp-Page2Image.jpgPrep with primer
One easy to make sure your makeup doesn’t budge? Primer. “Look for a primer that’s oil-free and oil-absorbing, but also non-drying,” suggests Nenoiu.

Keep shine where it belongs
“On your lips!” says Nenoiu. “Wear a shiny gloss alone to enhance your natural glow or on top of your lip color to make it stay put.”

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Take the plunge and go natural
“Whether you’re going to the beach or just feel like embracing the care free summer vibe, skip a base entirely and stick to concealer,” suggests Nenoiu. “Covering up shadows, spots, or blemishes with just concealer means you won’t have to worry about blotting away your makeup. Dab on a slightly tacky stick concealer, like Revlon PhotoReady Concealer, with your fingers—the denser formula will stay put longer than a liquid.”


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