Meet the new face of Revlon: Emma Stone

Aug 10 2011 by
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Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde have become the new faces of
Revlon. The stunning actresses are the latest global ambassadors for the
cosmetics brand and each will appear in multimedia TV, print, in-store and digital ad campaigns from 2012. Alan Ennis, Revlon’s president and chief executive officer, said the duo personifies the Revlon woman, someone who is "glamorous, confident and bold."
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Gucci Westman, Revlon’s global artistic director – who has worked with both Emma and Olivia in the past – told WWD: "Both embody strength, beauty and femininity. Emma is so classic in a Grace Kelly real movie star way and she is an amazing actress as well. Olivia has the most unbelievably beautiful eyes and she is also cool and intelligent. I cannot wait for everyone to see our new Revlon campaigns." Westman is creating the beauty looks for the actresses’ Revlon first campaigns. Emma and Olivia follow in the footsteps of
Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Kate Moss, Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel in representing the brand.
What do you think of the choice? Are they both good representations of the brand?

Categories: Beauty