If going barefaced at the gym is as terrifying to you as wearing a thong unitard to Tabata class, we’ve got you covered (without the cake face).

DON’T Wear waterproof foundation. These typically contain silicones and waxes, which can clog pores, exacerbating acne, says Dr. Nowell Solish, a cosmetic dermatologist at Toronto’s Cosmetic Dermatology.

DO Try lighter water-resistant or mineral formulas. The water-resistant Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Work IT! Marathonista Tinted Moisturizer ($19, at drugstores and mass-market retailers) contains pigments treated with moisturizing jojoba esters, so a sweaty face doesn’t equal dripping makeup. Also, try Arrow’s Revive Cooling Cheek Tint ($24, at birchbox.ca until the end of April); its water-based gel formula hydrates and cools skin.

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