Bold lips and spidery lashes are fun and super hot for fall but let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t feel up for it, and you want to just look like … you. There’s a certain finesse to doing your face so you look pretty and put together with makeup that gives a “no-makeup” look. Vanessa Jarman of Page One Management in Toronto shares her makeup tips for creating a minimal makeup look.

Natural beauty: It all starts with great skin
“Taking care of your skin is first and foremost — and this is especially important now with the season changing,” she says. Jarman recommends using an oil-based moisturizer as we transition into colder weather. Look for ones containing almond oil, avocado and primrose, for example, which will create a protective layer on the skin.

Natural beauty: Go with bold brows
“The look at Alexander Wang with the strong brow, neutral lip and peachy, soft eyes is a great minimal makeup look for the season,” says Jarman, adding that it’s a fantastic look for women of any age. Strong brows are key as they frame your face. You’ll want to keep your brows in the same colour range as your hair colour. If you’re not used to filling in your brows, Jarman suggests starting with an eyeshadow one shade lighter until you become more comfortable with the look. Also, she recommends an eyeshadow over an eye pencil (“the lines can often come off as too strong and harsh with a pencil.”).

Natural beauty: Contour your face so you don’t look washed out
Try using a bronzer or a face powder that is two to three shades darker than your skin tone. “Keep your contouring further back, just underneath the cheekbone and resist the temptation to pull it towards the front of the cheek,” says Jarman. Also, if you’re contouring be sure you have on liquid foundation. Without it on, the powder on foundation-less skin can become spotty and muddy looking, she says.

Natural beauty: Keep eyes soft and light
A delicate peachy shade applied lightly into the crease will help complete the minimal makeup look. “Use a brush that is not too dense or it’ll deposit too much product,” says Jarman. Finish with a mascara that provides definition (she recommends Rimmel Lash Accelerator) and curl your lashes first to open up your eyes subtly.

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