Part of looking radiant is warming up to the right makeup shades for the undertones of your skin—which could mean adding varying golden hues to your face for a sunkissed effect. Whether it’s a coral statement lip or a shimmer of metallic eyeshadow, a palette of gold-based hues illuminate those with warm undertones to their skin. We chatted with the experts for their best makeup tips on creating the perfect looks to bring about naturally glowing skin.

Makeup tips: The telltale signs of warm skin tones

If you’re unsure of what shades work best with your undertones, check your veins. “If they look a little green, you probably have a warm undertone because you have a little more yellow in your skin,” says Amélie Ducharme, Covergirl’s lead makeup artist.

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Consider your jewellery preference, and what metals are most flattering against your skin. For warm undertones, “Gold jewelry will make your skin glow more than the silver,” she adds. Keep in mind that the colour of your skin doesn’t determine the tones underneath: “You can be very fair or very dark in both warm and cool undertones!”

Makeup tips: The best shades for your skin tone

“Usually warm colours will complement best with warm undertones,” says Ducharme. Choose a foundation that has a yellow undertone to it—as opposed to pink. Keep your bronzer and blush in the same palette of warm, golden hues: think bronze, rust or orange shades.

Working with shades that are in the same skin tone as your own naturally highlight the warm tones of your complexion. “I love corals and oranges for spring and summer—they really warm up the skin,” says Susanne Langmuir, founder and CEO of Bite Beauty.

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Makeup tips: For your eyes only

Tailor your eyeshadow and liners to bring out face-illuminating undertones. “Anything with gold, bronze or rust will make your skin and your eyes glow,” explains Ducharme. “Some pinks and greens can also be in the warm tones, but not all of them, so be careful when choosing these shades.”

Just be mindful of the placement of light-reflecting pigments on the face and choose which
features you want to highlight with each look. “I find it’s always best to balance your makeup,” says Langmuir. “If you decide to wear a heavier metallic eye, keep your lips light and warm with just a hint of shimmer. If you go for a bold lip, keep the rest of the face subtle and truly let your lips make a statement.”

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Makeup tips: The perfect day look

To create a softly flattering look in the morning, pair together ivory, bronze, gold shades on the face—with a touch of black eyeliner—for a
beautiful finish on warm skin tones. “I love doing soft bronze smoky eyes, with bronzer on the cheeks and a nice golden pink gloss,” says Ducharme about creating the
perfect day look.

Makeup tips: Dramatic night beauty

One of our favourite statement looks for spring is a
bold orange lip—try it in a bright matte shade for evening. “It really makes the warm skin look sun-kissed,” says Ducharme. For a natural glow to the rest of the face, try CoverGirl TruMagic Luminzer to pick up on the highlights of your skin.

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Of course, choosing a colour that’s opposite of your skin undertones works as it’s own dramatic statement. “Often times shades like fuchsia look completely different on different skin tones,” says Langmuir. “[Bite Beauty’s] Violet Luminous Creme Lipstick transforms from skin tone to skin tone— it’s really quite amazing.”

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