We all
love a red lip. It’s classic, timeless and makes the perfect statement all year long. But there’s also something about change that can totally elevate your beauty look. There’s still time to play up your lips and beauty routine with an on-trend dark burgundy lip instead of your usual red lip.
Vanessa Jarman Rimmel Canadian Makeup Artist and Spokesperson (
p1m.ca) tells us just how to make the switch with her makeup tips.

“Like the red lip statement, a burgundy lip demands attention,” says Jarman. “Walk into a room wearing this lip statement and you won’t go unnoticed. This trend wears richly and has confidence smothered all over it.”

Makeup tips: Find your perfect burgundy shade

Much like finding your ideal match of red lipstick (you know, the one that looks like it was made just for you), finding a
rich burgundy lipstick can be difficult. “When choosing a burgundy lip shade, decide if your more comfortable wearing something a bit darker and deep… or light and subtle,” suggests Jarman. “You also have to decide on choosing between shades that hold more berry or brick-red undertones.”


The key is your comfort – which is more important in this case than just skin tone. “You can have any skin tone and be any age to go with either result,” explains Jarman. “It’s a matter of playing around and seeing what suits your comfort level. If I get complimented on a lipstick shade more than once, I know I’ve picked the right colour.” But for a rule of thumb, blondes and redheads can pull off brighter hues and black and plum haired girls should look at lipsticks with a darker pigment according to Jarman.

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Makeup tips: Glossy versus matte

“Take your lip shape into consideration,” advises Jarman. “If you have small lips that lack fullness; avoid dark, matte finishes.” Those will only flatten and make your lips appear even smaller. “You can use a lip pencil with less depth to line and fill your lips, but including a lip gloss of a like colour would benefit your lip shape.” That glossy will reflect light and give the appearance of fuller lips. “You could also slightly overdraw your lip shape, but don’t get crazy. One or two millimetres will be plenty!” says Jarman.

Those lucky enough to have full pouts, can rock a matte lip, or glossy. “Personally I prefer a matte finish with this look,” says Jarman.

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Makeup tips: Go for the ombre burgundy lip

Calling all trend setters. If a plain old burgundy lip is too safe for you, opt for a runway look. “If you really want to spice up this trendy lip – ombre the centre with a brighter shade of red, to give this burgundy lip some added dimension,” says Jarman. “Instead of filling in the entire lip with your pencil, leave the centre of the mouth clean to incorporate the bright shade of red. Blend your edges carefully.”

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Makeup tips: Keep the rest of you face clean and simple

“That good ‘ol saying never gets old,” explains Jarman. “’Less is always more.’ You can apply
a couple of extra mascara coats and maybe taupe eyeshadow all over your lid and into the crease. Feel free to highlight the inside corner of your eye with a white or champagne ‘pop’.”

The rest of the skin should look fresh and not “artificially flawless” according to Jarman. That means evening out the tone, especially redness around the lip and nose since that will stand out more with a bold lip.

Makeup tips: Application is key

First thing’s first. You need a lip liner for such a bold look to keep it clean and polished. The follow with lipstick and/or gloss. Follow Jarman’s tips for a flawless look

Lip pencil: “Line and fill in your lip shape. Blot firmly into a tissue to set your pencil and apply a second coat after doing so. This application prolongs the wear. If you find a lip-pencil shade that works for you – stop there and don’t worry about not having a lipstick to place over top. This technique works!”

Lipstick: “On the other hand, if it’s a
lipstick shade you have fallen in love with, I encourage you to find a like-coloured lip liner to pair with it. A burgundy lip wears best with clean crisp edges. As stated above, line and fill in your lip with your pencil, then go over it with your desired lipstick shade. Once your lipstick is on, blot from there and add your second layer of lipstick directly on top of the first.” Try: Rimmel Kate Moss Matte lipstick in 107.

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Lip gloss:
“Lip gloss is applied in a quick ‘no-mirror-needed’ fashion these days. For this trend you want to slow down and pay attention. Too much gloss can cause your lip liner to bleed, or give the illusion of wet-corners on the mouth. Build your gloss to the desired finish and always apply the majority of this product to the centre of the mouth. This gives the most impact in the right place!”


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