Move over lips, cheeks and lids – bold spider-like lashes are getting their moment to shine this season and they won’t be shying away from the spotlight. Lashes were the makeup focal point at Marc Jacobs, who went for a decidedly heavy-lidded look for his spring/summer 2012 show. Makeup mastermind Francois Nars cut up strips and mindfully layered three pairs of false lashes across the lash line for a dramatic, retro effect. Gucci, Alberta Ferretti, Chloé, Lanvin, Valentino and Versace, too all had models rocking the heavier, spidery lash.

If you’re ready to make a lash splash this season, the look of the moment is all about a lash that is heavy, striking and bold – one that has been embraced by a spate of stars, including Kim Kardashian, Anne Hathaway and Chloé Sevigny.

We asked celebrity makeup artist Chantal Moore, whose clients list has included Anna Lynne McCord and Kristen Bell to share her makeup tips for this season’s
hottest beauty trend. “Spider lashes are one of the biggest eyelash trends out there in terms of a makeup statement,” she explains. “Lashes bring attention to the eyes. They enhance the color and clarity and help shape and frame the eye.”

The heavy lash lowdown

With what we saw on the runways for fall and winter – a consistent retro vibe and lady-like pieces juxtaposed with a more functional, urban feel – the current fully-loaded lash look isn’t surprising. Lashes by nature are feminine, but this season they have been kicked up a few bold notches.

Get this luxe lash look

Moore tells us this season’s drama-courting lashes are easily translated from runway to reality. She shares her makeup application techniques for getting the look.

Be sure to use a
mascara formula that is very black and thick. Apply at least two coats to the top and bottom. Shimmy and fan the brush up and through the lashes, coating each strand well.

Using the tip of the mascara wand, go back through, defining and strategically separating individual lashes into desired sections. If you want to go further with the look apply individual false lashes in varying lengths throughout your own lashes, focusing on the center and outside edges for maximum impact.

“When it comes to real life it is up to the individual to see what looks the most flattering and feels the most comfortable on their eye,” Moore explains. “Mascara alone will give you major impact when you layer it and will feel the most natural.” Depending on the shape of the eye, she suggests experimenting with full strip lashes and individuals to see what works best for you.

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More makeup and lash tips

If you want a clean eye makeup look, always apply eyeshadow first, Moore says, and mascara and lashes last. When you apply shadow after you’ve already applied mascara you ruin the clean look of the lashes. “Unless you are going for a grungy, slept in look, don’t do it.”

With fall’s bold brow you definitely want to balance out the look with a more defined lash look, Moore says, adding that the two eye trends work well together. “With more brow you need more lash.” Opt for maximum volume on the top lash line, and if you are going for a spider lash look, coat the upper lashes in a way that lifts the eyes up and toward the brows to flatter the shape. If you are adding a few false lashes to supplement your own, be sure to place them between your natural hairs for a more natural look. Finish off with a neutral palette everywhere else to highlight your eye-focused look.

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