Take a beauty dare this spring. Add a little more colour to your makeup palette in the most vibrant and playful way with a statement lip—specifically, the glossy tangerines and neon oranges seen on the runways at DKNY and DSquared2 this season. But we get that this can be no easy feat. “For some people, wearing colour can be a scary thing that takes them out of their comfort zone,” says Jessica Spaven, a makeup stylist at MYNC Lash Lounge and Brow Bar in Toronto.

“The great thing about orange is that it’s very versatile, there are so many shades and formulations to work with— you just have to experiment.” Spaven shares her top 5 makeup tips on how to rock the orange lip trend on any skin tone (and every occasion) right now.

How to wear an orange lip: Chose a shade that complements the undertones of your skin

“The best way to determine which shade of orange will work best for you is to take a cue from your skins natural undertone,” says Spaven. “Cool undertones will look better in cool colours, like true, light, bright oranges.” To determine if your skin has cool undertones to it, check your wrist for a bluish appearance to your veins (if they have a green tint, your undertones are warm). “Warm undertones are best suited to earthy oranges such as burnt orange, or oranges with a yellow tinge to them.”

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How to wear an orange lip: Start out with a sheer formulation
If going from a nude lip to a blood red orange is a little too drastic of a jump, start out with toned-down variations of peach and soft coral in a gloss format. This will help with easing into wearing an orange lip confidently, says Spaven. “The light colour will be subtle but still generously brighten up any skin tone.” Enhance the look with a dusting of bronzer along the cheekbones and a soft eye shadow.

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orange-lips-page-two.jpgHow to wear an orange lip: Or just go bold
A vibrant and matte tangerine lip—the likes of seen at Prabal Gurung this spring—is the perfect accessory this season. And it’s more wearable and versatile than you think. “Since the shade is undeniably in style for spring, why not try it out now!” Spaven encourages. “It’s a great way to start off the season! Wear it casually to the movies or dress it up for dinner.”

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To allow the bold lip to speak for itself, complement the look with a highly contoured cheekbone and strong brows.

How to wear an orange lip: Get the best tint for your skin tone

Another factor to consider when searching for your perfect match in an orange lip shade is to seek out a tint that suits your skin tone. “For pale skin, a true or bright orange will add colour without making you look washed out,” Spaven explains (try MYNC Lipstick in Face Time). Opt for a neon orange lip colour to complement golden or bronzed skin. “For dark skin tones, try to pick oranges with more of a red tint to them,” she adds.

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How to wear an orange lip: Have fun with it
The best way to wear a bold statement lip is to not allow it to wear you: play it up as an accessory that highlights the rest of your look. “You can use it to bring out your fun and fearless side or to distract away from your more shy side,” Spaven explains. “It’s all about how you wear it. And the key to the perfect pucker is to wear it with confidence and of course, a smile!”

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