Perfect blush doesn’t come easy, even to the most experienced makeup connoisseur. Mismatched shade, poor contouring, uneven blending…the list of mistakes you can make with blush is endless. Blair Patterson, Director for Global Makeup Artistry at Estée Lauder, shares his previously best-kept secrets with us for applying flawless blush each and every time.

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Makeup tips: Properly match blush to skin tone

"Your skin’s undertones will determine the blush colour you use," says Patterson. "If you have a
warm undertone, use an earth coloured blush. On the other hand, the darker your skin, the darker the colour should be." Warm skin tones can reach for the nudes and pinks, while
cooler skin tones should opt for reds, lavenders and dark browns.

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Makeup tips: Choose the proper blush type

Choosing between a
cream and powder blush is always a challenge—until now. Simply select the type of blush you need based on your overall beauty regime. "For a dewy look, use a cream or gel blush, mix it with a drop of face serum and apply with your hands," says Patterson. Giving your blush a liquid base allows it to stick to the skin, smooth over pores with ease and add texture to the cheekbones for those with discolouration. "For a matte finish, use a powder blush and apply with a brush on the apple of your cheeks." If you have oily or problem skin, make sure you’re using a powder blush to prevent greasy build up and excess shine.

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blush-secrets-beauty-002.jpgMakeup tips: Set your blush in the right place

Hit the sweet spot in your search for perfect blush by applying it in just the right location. “I like to use a cross or ‘X’ technique when applying blush," says Patterson. "Using a
blush brush, pull the blush from the apple of your cheek down to your jaw and then from the inner part of your nose to the edge of your brow in one smooth sweep.” Take a view of your blush from all angles. “Turn your head to the side when you’re looking in the mirror to apply faultless blush,” Patterson adds.


Makeup tips: A foolproof technique for blush application

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for—the ultimate procedure for perfect blush. "A great application method would be to apply your blush before your foundation. This will give you a more natural glow and longer staying power," Patterson says. "If you choose this technique, it’s important to make sure your face is dry. Use a cream blush and apply more than you usually would, then
apply your foundation."


According to Patterson, you should also dust on the blush before putting makeup on your eyes and lips. “I always say you should begin your makeup routine with the feature you want to make the focal point,” finishes Patterson. If you do heavily blushed cheeks, ease up on the rest of your makeup (and vice versa) for perfect blush, leaving the more difficult eyes and lip until the end.

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