We scour the beauty aisle, stay up-to-date on the latest launches and test out new products everyday. When it comes to makeup, we’re in-the-know and we always get the best makeup tips from our favourite experts. Here is some of our best beauty advice.


Beauty trend: Bronzed skin
Whether you’re looking for bronzed summer skin, or an extra glow in the winter, finding the right bronzer shade is key. Scorched earth and dusty tones inspire a new bronzed glow that will work through any season.

Beauty tips: How to create the perfect red lip
The epitome of sexiness and sophistication, the pretty red lip takes centre stage again in our beauty routine. We have the best tips on how to not only get a sexy red pout but also how to make it last with these expert makeup tips.

The 5 minute face
Who has time to stand in front of the mirror and spend an hour getting flawless makeup? Not us! With five products and five minutes, you can create a flawless finish with these expert tips.

Beauty 101: Bold brows
A bold brow can set the stage for the rest of your face, and in our opinion, a perfectly groomed brow is really all you need to give your eyes drama. We’ve asked the expert for their tips and makeup suggestion for creating the ideal groomed brow.

Beauty tips: Smoky eye

Step by step instructions on how to create a smoldering, smoky eye. We promise — it really is an easy task! You just need to follow these simple tips.

Makeup tips: Double duty
The latest in skin care doesn’t have to do with your cleanser, toner, moisturizer of even how many times you visit the spa for a facial. It’s all about the latest technology in your foundation. Check out these new powerful foundations that cover and promise better skin.


Getting even toned skin
We’ll all experience uneven skin at some point — redness, blotchiness or age spots. Thankfully there are new advances in skin care that can help you say goodbye to those pesky spots. No surgery required!

Spice market
Taking a cue from Mother Nature, the latest lines of skin care products are filled with good-for-you spices and herbs that can benefit skin.