Makeup Artist Dick Page: “I always like makeup when it’s a bit wrong”

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Makeup artist Dick Page backstage, courtesy of Shiseido Dick Page, Makeup Artistic Director for Shiseido makes magic backstage at shows like Marc By Marc Jacobs, Creatures of the Wind and Narcisco Rodriguez. He is a man with a strong point of view (and a wonderful full-of-swears vocabulary), which comes across as much in his editorial work as in the collections he creates for the Japanese brand. As we head into the fall and winter doldrums, he shares his thoughts on colour – one of the quickest seasonal pick me ups around.
Dick Page "I THINK ABOUT WHAT TURNS PEOPLE ON ABOUT COLOUR… What makes people feel sexy or makes something viable? And I see different women’s reactions to colour. Even something that’s, like, borderline tacky— take this shrimpy-coral-virgin-nightgown-pink
(RD 314, Deep Coral), but it’s a good colour. I would put this with a greasy, punky black eye to twist it up a little bit, instead of doing that horrible baby doll thing. It’s super attractive but kind of repulsive at the same time. I always like it when it’s a bit… wrong." "I NAME EVERYTHING IN THE COLLECTION. Back-stories are everything. Shiseido likes to go by numbers. I said, ‘Nobody buys
PK347, but they will buy
Disco!.’ People respond to words and stories. [The colour used at Marc by Marc], is named Sanguine. In English, ‘sanguine’ is sweet, it’s generous, it’s kind, but it comes from the Latin for blood, where sangris is derived from."

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Bright red lips using Shiseido Sanguine Lacquer Rouge at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Image via IMAXtree "START WITH SOMETHING HARDCORE AND BLEND IT OUT… melt it out. If a colour is too sheer and too ‘nothing’ to begin with, you can’t build it and you can’t get anything out of it. That’s how the Perfect Rouge ‘Showgirl’ lipstick came around. I went to see Showgirl, and I found a picture (finally) of the original production of 42nd Street, the musical in London. That’s when they were trying to recreate the period from depression era in America. I thought of the way the lipstick would look in the limelight when it changed the colour of the skin, (women used to wear really really pink foundation because the limelight was yellow and it would change the way the skin looked.) So we came up with this red. It’s like an ugly crayon-y red, but it looks great. I just love the way that looks." Read More:
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