Beauty editors have a habit of assuming that everyone is obsessed with makeup as we are. So, naturally, when I get on the phone with Girls star Zosia Mamet, I quickly pepper her with questions about her favourite products. “Honestly, I don’t know if you could even call it a beauty regimen,” she admitted, almost apologetic. “I don’t own any makeup. My skincare regimen has been the same for many, many years and it’s not very exciting.” (In fact, it wasn’t until she started colouring her hair that she started to pay attention to what she was putting on her hair. Full deets below.)

The actress however, did have plenty to say about her new collabo with Secret deodorants and antiperspirants about the high levels of stress millennial women experience – and why we should be talking about it.

What stresses you out, Zosia? “I come from a family of worriers, so I think I inherited that gene. I think I’m a sort of blanket, angsty human. I think a lot of people create anxiety for ourselves. I’m a very organized traveller. But the night before I travel, I always make a to-do list of 50 things that do not have to get done. I’m suddenly like ‘Those two silk shirts that I probably won’t wear for six months because it’s winter, I have to get them dry cleaned right now.’ Then there’s the ‘did I turn the oven off?’ That’s essentially anxiety, but on a very, very, very low grade.”

I always double check to see if I unplugged my curling iron. “Mine is candles. I have to make sure I blow out all the candles.”

How do you handle stress? “A friend told me you can’t tell yourself to relax, you’re going to stress yourself out even more. Try distracting yourself with a soothing situation. For me, it’s going for a run, doing yoga, or talking to my best friends. I’m also a horseback rider, and anytime I get stressed out, the minute I get back on a horse [I feel better]. My dog Moose also knows when I’m upset and she’ll always come up and kiss my face. It’s like, ‘How can you be stressed out when that’s happening?’” [Editor’s note: We’ve included a heart-melting photo of Moose below.]



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You’ve been a brunette, had pastel hair and now you have this gorgeous golden blond. What’s next for you? “I don’t think I’m going to be changing my hair again anytime soon. My hair has definitely been through the ringer and I think it needs a break.”

How do you maintain it? “I discovered this company called Davines that I’m obsessed with and they make amazing hair products for colour-treated hair. That pretty much saved my hair. Before I started colouring my hair, I didn’t know much about taking care of your hair, so I rarely washed it or brushed it, or did really anything to it. So I’ve been on a bit of a crash course.”

Does your approach to beauty change throughout the year? “I change my moisturizer in the fall because it starts to get colder and my skin dries. The fall is my favourite season though, so I try to be outside and just live it. There’s something about the crispness in the air. The fact that the sun is still out, but the air is chilly, just feels magical to me.”

What would you tell your younger self about stress? “Not to worry so much. Everything seems so important, you know? I was recently at an anniversary party and there was a young kid who was so embarrassed to dance and I just wanted to tell him, ‘Dude, you’re missing out. Everything you’re worried about, everyone’s just thinking about themselves.’”