Glossier Play, the new makeup line from Emily Weiss’ nearly five-year-old “skin-first, makeup-second” brand Glossier, launches today with four products—Vinylic Lip high shine lacquer, Colorslide technogel eye pencil, Glitter Gelée multigrade paillettes and Niteshine highlighter concentrate—and two tools: Blade, a pencil sharpener and Detailer, a silicone-tipped brush. According to its website, Play is “a brand of dialed-up beauty extras.”

“Over a year ago on New Year’s Eve I used @glossierplay and ever since then I’ve barely been able to keep my mouth shut!!!,” wrote Weiss in an Instagram post. “I am SO EXCITED to launch this brand today after years of dreaming, creation and collaboration. This is the definition of a labor of love and passion—the sheer JOY of MAKEUP!”

The brand also has a Canadian connection: 21-year-old Toronto-based motivational Instagram star Donté Colley, whose uplifting dance video was the first-ever post on Glossier Play’s Instagram account, is featured in the new campaign.

Colorslide Eyeliner ($18), at

Colorslide Eyeliner is billed as “a highly pigmented, smooth gel formula that doesn’t crease, smudge, tug, or skip and lasts for 12 hours (matte shades last in the waterline for 8 hours).” It is available in 14 shades. Blade, a German-engineered pencil sharpener, is also available.

Vinylic Lip ($20), at  

Vinylic Lip, a high-shine lipstick, is available in six shades.

Glossier Play Niteshine Highlighter

Niteshine Highlighter ($25), at

Niteshine, a “buildable concentrate” is available in four shades.

Glitter Gelée ($17), at

Glitter Gelée is a “one-step glitter gel.” Apparently it is not biodegradable: the brand suggests you “avoid washing off with water to prevent getting glitter into the waterways.” An angled silicone-tipped brush called Detailer is sold alongside the kit.