You wouldn’t dare miss a step in your nine-plus-product skincare regimen. (It’s not called a “routine” for nothing!) But what about your nails? And we’re not talking about the standing mani appointment you have every two weeks. If you think about it, our hands and nails endure quite a bit of hardship day-to-day. Between direct exposure to the elements, the aforementioned gel-polish habit and our obsessive handwashing (rightly so), we’re often left with a set of nails in distress: soft, split, thin and brittle.

It’s why our vanities are always stocked with Vitry Sensitive Nail Repair Care Pro’Expert, a French-made nail care. This tiny bottle houses a five-in-one concentrate with benefits in spades: it hardens, strengthens, repairs, protects and leaves a streak-free finish. What’s more, 80 percent of the ingredients in this gentle formula are bio-sourced. Top of the list is a skincare favourite: glycolic acid, which is part of the alpha-hydroxy acid, or AHA, family. It acts as a nail-smoothing agent and helps to speed up damage recovery. Antioxidant-rich celery-root extract, another key ingredient, gives the nail a resistant quality, while a naturally sourced plasticizer adds shine and hardness.

And you know those polish brushes that make it impossible to get an even, clean coat? There are none of those here. Vitry’s rounded, super-level brush completely envelops the nail, adapting to its unique shape and making for an effortless, streak-free application. (Read: Your right hand will look just as good as your left!)

When a thin coat of Sensitive Nail Repair Care Pro’Expert is applied every two days (think of it as a short and sweet self-care moment in your day), nails are stronger, they’re more resistant to outside elements and they look more beautiful after just two weeks of use. It’s really the ultimate multipurpose beauty product: You can use it as a standalone care to boost your nails’ natural vitality or under your preferred polish as a base coat with major benefits.

Get your free 4 mL sample of Vitry’s Sensitive Nail Repair Care Pro’Expert in pharmacies now.