Major Tuesday beauty launch, anyone? Today marks a key day for makeup-obsessed folk and worshippers of wellness mammoth Goop. First up is Gwyneth Paltrow, who recently shared intel about her debut fragrance for Goop with The Cut, which is called “edition 01” (yes, in her branded lower case format), and described by her website as “a perfume of cypress smoke, snow and sensual quiet.” The collection offering includes a fragrance and a candle, and based on the typography and minimalistic packaging, I believe I need to own both.


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And then there’s Pat McGrath, whom Anna Wintour once declared as “the most influential makeup artist in the world.” Her latest launch, Metalmorphosis 005 (see what she did there?), is major regrammer bait, and landing in stores in prime time for the parade that is glitter makeup around the holidays. The kit includes a cream pigment, metallic pigment, mixing liquid to liquefy pigment and black eyeliner and will be offered in Silver, Gold, Copper and Bronzer.


Image courtesy Pat McGrath Labs.

A four-piece set that includes a silky cream pigment, a metallic pigment, a mixing liquid to liquefy pigment, and a black dual-ended eyeliner. 

Behold, the most deeply satisfying video on the internet:

There’s just ONE glitch—Goop hasn’t managed to sort out shipping to Canada, so you would need to send the package to a U.S. address first. And while Canadians are able to order directly from Pat McGrath’s website today, if you’re a Sephora devotee, you’ll have to wait until the 22nd of November to order directly from the beauty giant.

Time to stock up on holiday presents for yourself before you need to shell out for the rest of the well-behaved friends and family members on your list.