There are two types of people in the world: those born with the ability to draw a perfect cat eye and the remaining 99 percent of the population who can never quite get their liner Adele-level symmetrical.

Surprisingly, Lisa Eldridge, makeup creative director for Lancôme and YouTube legend, belongs to the latter group. “I’m really good at applying eyeliner on other people, but I’m terrible at applying it on myself,” she admits. “My left eye is always a disaster!” But no longer.



Pink lipstick, liner and stripes … It’s almost the weekend! #Friday #makeup

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Eldridge helped to develop Lancôme Grandiose Liquid Liner’s movable applicator, which twists and locks to a 35-degree angle for a more comfortable and controlled application. The finger grip is set very close to the liner tip for ergonomic ease. Liner newbies will also love that the water-based matte formula dries lightspeed fast before you can blink and smudge it. Remember, says Eldridge, “When you do your wing, don’t close your eyes. That will force the line downward. Relax your face, look straight ahead in the mirror and then draw.”


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