One of the hottest products in the beauty industry right now is not actually a beauty product—it’s a set of drawers.

The Ikea Alex drawers are the makeup storage system of choice for beauty bloggers and influencers—scroll through Instagram or watch an organization video on YouTube and you will quickly see what we mean.

Popular beauty influencers like Jaclyn Hill, Kathleen Lights and Carli Bybel have all used some kind of the Alex unit to organize their (large) collections. 

The drawers are deep enough to fit a compact standing up right, but not too deep that you lose track of what products you actually own. The shorter Alex drawer unit ($80) is often used as the legs to a desk, or in this case: a vanity. The taller unit ($149) has an extra four drawers for the ultimate beauty product junkie.

Here at ELLE Canada, we use two of the the shorter, wheeled units ($149) in our beauty closet to house our lipsticks, bronzers and foundations. 

If you have makeup (or, you know, office supplies?) you’re looking to store, look no further.