Like the bread-facing and pimple-popping videos that came before it, “100 layers of” videos have taken over our collective desires to see people do weird/presumably uncomfortable things. Below, indulge in the simultaneously cringe-worthy and satisfying pursuit of watching the application of 100 layers of different types of makeup and nail products, beginning with the video that started it all: #polishmountain. 


100+ Coats of Nail Polish 

This was followed up with 100 coats of clear nail polish. 


100 Layers of Foundation 

Applying 100 layers foundation is also now a fun “challenge.” You can watch popular beauty vlogger @ItsMyRayeRaye, attempt the feat, here.


100 Coats of Liquid Lipstick 


100+ Coats of Mascara 


100 Layers of Face Mask 


100 Layers of Highlighter


100 Layers of Eyebrows 


100 Layers of Everything