Should you make a New Year’s resolution this year? Maybe not. “Be very careful about the term ‘fresh start,’” says Tracy Anderson, creator of the massively popular Tracy Anderson Method. “We should all embrace our journeys. Don’t look at yourself and say, ‘I can’t stand the way that I look and feel right now, I need a fresh start.’ You need to look at yourself and say, ‘You know what, I really love myself, I wouldn’t trade my journey for anything. This is who I am, this is where I’m at.”

It’s ok to acknowledge where you may be “out of balance,” says Anderson, as long as you frame it within a “growth mindset” rather than the fixed mindset – a negative train of thought which might sound like this: “I’m going to give myself another ‘fresh start’ that I’m going to fail on, and then that’s going to be one more year that I’ve failed to show up for myself and one more negative mark on my person.”

The takeaway: don’t commit yourself to a hastily-made resolution just because everyone else and your favourite celeb is doing it. “If an actress plays a doctor on TV, don’t go to them for strep throat [diagnosis],” says Anderson. “It’s very important that people start to think for themselves, and let go of the glitter. I can’t stand it [when people ask me how to get a certain celebrity’s body]. Want the best version of your own body.”

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