The best beauty ideas on Kickstarter right now

Apr 10 2018 by
Categories : Makeup & nails

Kickstarter does not have a browse-by-beauty option (yet), but there are definitely some hidden gems buried deep in the explore pages. Here are two of the most intriguing soon-to-be-crowdfunded beauty innovations, so you can tell everyone who will listen that you "knew that brand ages ago," when they go mainstream. 


Wayskin Home is the second generation of the Wayskin device created by a South Korean company of the same name. It works by analyzing your skin, considering factors like current humidity, temperature and dust levels then making specific product recommendations. The first gen tool raised $127,742 USD on Indiegogo; the new WAYSKIN Home, which will also feature LED light, has currently raised $69,867 CDN toward its $88,107 goal, with six days left in the campaign. 


Zenaura Trio

Zenaura is a dry fragrancing system (meaning no heat, flames or liquids) for your house. It’s trio of diffusers pair with your smartphone, Google home or Alexa, where you can set the time you want it to disperse and the intensity of the scent. The scents are stored in fragrance pearls provided by the brand (you can use up to three at a time), and are dispersed by fans within the device. With 14 days to go, they are currently at $20,041 of their $62,933 goal.


Categories: Makeup & nails