With fall and winter being the busiest seasons of the year (back to school, Thanksgiving dinners, holiday shopping–to name a few) sometimes we need to just push the pause button and put the focus on ourselves. So, if taking time out to spoil yourself is on your mind, there are many relaxing beauty rituals to try. From do-it-yourself treatments to much-deserved spa days, we talked to the experts and rounded up the best ones. There is a beauty ritual for anyone.

1. Massage: Massage is one of the most relaxing and comforting beauty rituals. Danielle Greco, massage therapist and natural chef at Danielle’s Naturals explains, “Massage is the therapeutic art of touch,” Danielle Greco, massage therapist and natural chef at Danielle’s Naturals, explains. “The aromatherapy of the quality products a practitioner uses tied in with soothing touch makes for pure bliss. There is almost an immediate sense of relief a client experiences when they lie on the table and anticipate what’s to come. While many people seek out massage for relief of musculoskeletal discomfort, others just enjoy the soothing benefits of touch.” She adds, “The awesome glow after is a always a bonus.”

2. Facial: A comforting beauty ritual can be anything that gives a person time to relax and feel beautiful, says Todd Hewitt, Toronto’s Four Season’s Spa Director. “A facial allows you time to drift away from your hectic day and it is comforting in the fact that someone is taking good care of you at all times,” he says. Soothing music, dimmed lighting and little touches like heated beds and fuzzy blankets all add to an overall comforting experience.

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3. Manicure and pedicure: It’s easy to neglect your hands and feet in the cold winter months, but giving them some TLC is an easy way to feel pampered. Leeanne Colley, manicurist and owner of Tips Nail Bar, recommends a manicure and pedicure with massage. “Skilled human touch, when done right is always relaxing,” she says. “Our hands and feet contain many pressure points so with a good massage you’re increasing blood flow and flexibility, and you’re walking out with a new shape, clean cuticle, callus free, relaxed and rejuvenated.”

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4. Hair treatment: There is nothing that feels more indulging than walking out of a hair salon (or your own home) after a good hair treatment, leaving locks renewed and refreshed. Celebrity hairstylist, Marc Anthony is a major believer in the power of a good mask. Case in point: his eponymous line’s Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Deep Nourishing Conditioning Treatment. “It is a momentary break from life that treats you to healthier hair full of shine and manageability while it gives you a ‘zen’ mindset,” he says. “It is so rich and indulgent and leaves your hair with a feeling of renewal. The soft coconut scent is so comforting; like wrapping yourself in a tropical hug.”

5. Yoga: Practicing yoga is a beneficial beauty ritual because it calms the mind and body. Founder and co-owner of Yoga Tree, Debbie Fung, says yoga allows time to focus and work on just yourself – both inside and outside. “Yoga works on mental clarity, body awareness and of course, physical benefits including better body alignment, detoxifying body tissues and weight management.” Fung adds that yoga is great for decompressing after a stressful day and soothing the nervous system.

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