I’ll save you the list-of-reasons-2017-was-brutal recap, but let it be known, even though this year was challenging life-wise, there were some great beauty moments.

Rihanna launched a makeup line that nailed formulation and included products that suited skin tones lighter than fair and darker than olive. We learned that some of us are genetically blessed, and will age better than others—but that all is not lost for the rest of us—and that one of the most beloved women in American politics gets skincare treatments from…a Canadian. 

Below, we look back on these stories and more, in our countdown of the most-read beauty articles published on ELLECanada.com this year.


10. The Canadian skincare treatment Michelle Obama loves  


Montreal-Canadian skincare guru Jennifer Brodeur exclusively revealed to ELLE Canada that she was the woman behind Michelle Obama’s glowing skin. (She also works with Oprah and Ava DuVernay, FYI.) Read it here. 


9. A comprehensive guide to Fenty Beauty 


We were the first media in Canada to see the Fenty Beauty line. Here’s everything we learned about the two-year undertaking to create the brand. Read it here. 


8. Why do some people age better than others?


One beauty writer went deep into scientific research to discover that exceptional aging is all about your genes—and why there is still hope if you don’t have great ones. Read it here. 


7. ELLE editors from around the world pick their favourite beauty products


The 2017 ELLE International Beauty Awards saw 46 editors from ELLE magazines around the world agree on the top beauty products of the year. Read it here


6. Custom skincare is the latest beauty craze


Beauty brands are giving consumers the keys to the chemistry lab, concocting products designed specifically for their skin. Read it here. 


5. Glossier ships to Canada, starting now


Glossier made the long-awaited announcement that they would begin shipping to Canada, and the ELLE team shared the products they thought were worth paying the duty for. Read it here


4. Hair contouring is now a thing


Hair contouring is the new balayage, and we learned all about it. Read it here


3. Glossier announces its first Canadian pop-up shop


Glossier makes its second appearance on this list. The brand came to town (i.e. Toronto), and everyone got really excited. Read it here. 


2. Are people still getting Brazilians in 2017?


We looked at the state of waxing trends in 2017. Read it here


1. Moschino x Sephora Canada Collection 


ELLE Canada exclusively broke the news that Moschino was developing its first-ever makeup collection in collaboration with Sephora. Read it here