With the Toronto International Film Festival cooling down, it’s hard not to feel a touch deflated. But Rooney Mara’s crisp red carpet appearance last night for The Secret Scripture was so beautiful—in her minimally gorge way—that I felt a little buzz of excitement for the impending award season, which kicks off at the Emmys this weekend. You can always count on Mara to deliver a bun so tight it could rival a facelift and perfectly powder-y skin that feels like a very chic ghost and not at all like Miss Havisham. (There is a minor braided twist situ here that is quite graceful). Her skin is so crazy poreless that I feel I must commit to using a daily exfoliant (right now, I’m partial to Clearista Retexturizing Gel). 





There is also a very neat metallic rose shadow dragged under Mara’s lash line that feels fresh, especially since she’s not wearing false lashes (would be too much, non?)

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