Ever notice how impossibly perfect celebrities look on the red carpet? Not a hair out of place, not a smidge of makeup where it shouldn’t be, and a body that is flat, thin and lean. How do they do it? It’s all about connections and a lot of prep work (juice will be your new best friend). Here’s
how to get red caret ready in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, celebrity-style.

Red carpet beauty: Skin prep

When you’re running from awards show to awards show, luncheons and a few talk shows in between, the chances that you have hours to spend in a spa getting your skin perfected is slim to none. Where do the A-list go to get their skin gorgeous in lightening speed? Skin Laundry – a new medical skin care
hotspot in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills that is literally equal to the amount of time it takes you to order that double-foam-extra-hot-half-sweet-no-caramel-soy-latte. 15 minutes in the hands of their laser experts and your skin will be Instagram-worthy. The combination of a laser to blast away dead skin cells with a quick session of blue light removes dead skin, dark spots, blemishes and evens your complexion in one go. Do it every 4-6 days for a few weeks and your skin will be killing it in any photo.


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Red carpet beauty: Manicure must

You can go to any old nail salon and get a great manicure. But why would you when you can do it pool-side in your own cabana at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, sipping a cool glass of Moet and popping fresh berries in your mouth? Do we need to say anything more? Ok, we will. Your hands will be pampered with a Signature Manicure from the spa, and post mani you can duck down to the Beverly Hills hotel’s restaurant Culina for a delish, healthy meal (nothing that will cause a bloat since they accomodate vegan and gluten-free) and you can even order a vitamin-packed juice from their juice bar menu (bonus: you can create your own if you’re a kale-cucumber-lemon-parsley fanatic).


How to get a lean body and picture-perfect hair on the next page …
Red carpet beauty: The ideal hair

Celebs spend hours getting primped and prepped for the big award shows. While you might not get the hands-on, in-suite treatment that the stars get before a big show, you can still look and feel
red carpet-worthy by making a stop by the original blow dry bar, DryBar. Get sexy, voluminous waves, tight curls, a sky-high updo, or pin-straight hair with sheen at any one of the Beverly Hills or Los Angeles locations. You’ll at the very least feel pampered as you sip a mimosa while they work their hair magic. Bonus: Their own line of products smell so yummy you’ll likely pick up a few to keep for touch-ups and to amp up your day-to-day hairstyle.


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Red carpet beauty: Cleanse with a juice

It’s been a fad in Beverly Hills for a while now – Nicole Richie, Fergie, Jennifer Garner and Molly Sims are all huge fans of the
juice cleanse to keep a flat stomach, and look lean and toned. Pressed Juicery is the hottest spot to pick up (or have delivered) your latest green juice needs (try their Greens 3 blend – spinach, kale, cucumber, romaine, celery, apple, lemon, ginger and parsley), or a for a sweet indulgence that won’t cause your skin tight Michael Kors number to pinch, a bottle of the pressed-on-site almond milk drink (sweetened with vanilla bean and dates), tastes just as good as a molten chocolate cake with creamy ice cream.


Red carpet beauty: Beauty sleep

Bags under the eyes are not an option when it comes to walking the red carpet – because let’s face it – they don’t go with anything. The best remedy/fix is to get a
good night’s sleep like the celebrities do before hitting the red carpet (the rest of your skin, not only your under eye, will also thank you with a glowing, soft appearance in the morning). Rest up at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood. It used to be known at the Riot Hotel or the Riot Hyatt because of its long history and storied past with musicians living and staying there (needless to say they had loads of parties and fun in the halls, hence the nickname Riot). These days it’s quiet and serene – still with a rock ‘n roll edge, but now with plush beds, huge bathrooms and views of the sprawling city.


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