What better way to celebrate your rainbow spirit than with the Queen of queens who snatched the winning title on Canada’s Drag Race? Toronto stunner Priyanka – who’s glaming up to host the Toronto Pride Parade –has teamed up with Quo Beauty for the launch of the brand’s very first Pride-themed makeup collection and we’re so here for it. With playful shade names (Inspire, Strut and Fierce), the cruelty free and vegan line includes waterproof neon liners, an eyeshadow palette, eyelashes, brow stickers, nail polish and a set of accessories that will elevate your inner queen to goddess heights. Ahead of the parades and parties –whatever those may look like this year– we caught up with the Canadian superstar to talk bold Priyanka Pride looks, digital drag, life-changing makeup tips (plus, the piece of advice she wish she had gotten 10 years ago).

Quo Beauty

What inspired the look you created for the Quo Beauty Pride Collection?

The look I created to help launch the Quo Beauty Pride collection was inspired by how I wanted to dress the very first time I went to Pride in 2015 or 2016. I remember wishing I had rainbows, fun powders, blushes and sparkles all over my face.  So I wanted to pay homage to my experience and turn those wishes into reality with an iconic drag look to launch Quo Beauty’s first-ever Pride-inspired collection.

What are some of your personal highlights found in Quo’s first-ever Pride Collection?

The Quo Beauty Love Is Love Eyeshadow Palette is my favourite. It’s incredible. I am literally shocked with how pigmented this product is. It’s hard for this girl to find a good, pigmented eyeshadow. And what’s even better is that I can use it as an eyeshadow, blush and lip mattifying powder as well. I’m obsessed, OBSESSED!

Love Is Love Eyeshadow Palette

Love Is Love Eyeshadow PaletteQuo Beauty

What are your tips for the perfect application of rainbow hues?

Wherever on your body you want to apply rainbow hues, I always say that it’s important to start with your lightest foundation colour. The pigments will show if you prime your canvas. It’s the same as when you paint a house…or so I’m told…although I’ve never painted a house.

What are your thoughts on the Canadian makeup brand? Which of the brand’s values resonate with you the most?

The coolest thing about Quo Beauty is its quality. It’s also fabulous that it’s at a great price point and an accessible makeup brand. I travel all across Canada doing drag, and I am a forgetful drag queen at times. It’s so nice to have a quality and reliable brand that I can easily grab at Shoppers Drug Mart if I run out of something while I’m on tour.

What does Pride 2021 mean to you?

Pride 2021 means the world to me. We’re in a space where this is our second Pride in lockdown. This Pride we can take pride in our own “stay-at-home pride.” It means finding a way to celebrate in your own home while the world heals from this pandemic. It’s really bittersweet for me. The show became so successful because people were at home watching. But being at home also means that I can’t be the touring drag queen that I would love to be right now.

What are your Pride plans? What are you most excited for this year?

I’m doing a lot of digital drag, and I’ve filmed lots of performances this year. My plans are what I try to do every single month – and that is entertaining my community. My Pride plans include being best friends with all my fans.

What are must-have elements of a signature Priyanka Pride look?

A signature Priyanka Pride look has to be very sparkly with lots of glitter everywhere. And, of course, this month I am wearing makeup from Quo Beauty’s new Pride collection. One of my absolute musts is the Quo Beauty Velvet Kiss Liquid Lipstick in Gum Drop. I’ve told this story before but I’ll tell it again.  Years ago, I fell in love with this very particular colour of pink but I could never ever find the colour or product again. But Quo Beauty now has the colour and I’m just obsessed again. That lip colour is part of a signature Priyanka look.

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Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow Palette




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25 Questions with Priyanka

In love, you are attracted by… Someone’s eyes

Favourite designer: As a drag performer, many of my clothes are custom made so Leelando is my absolute favourite designer, and he’s Canadian.

A fault you don’t forgive: Close-minded people

You never leave the house without: My Quo Beauty Velvet Kiss Liquid Lipstick

Favourite restaurant: I am obsessed with Thai food. I cannot get enough of it. If I could eat it every single day of my life, I would.

Your small gesture to help save the planet: Smile at strangers. My mom always told me this.

Favourite wardrobe piece: The Bollywood Extravaganza gown I wore on Canada’s Drag Race.

At the moment, you wish you were… I am very happy and satisfied. I wish I was Priyanka…and I am!!!

First person you thought of waking up: My mom

Your friends say you’re: Hard-working

Latest music discovery: My own music. I have just discovered that I am a good singer.

Essential beauty product: Quo Beauty Love Is Love Eyeshadow Palette

Last SMS received: I got a photo from one of my stylists dressed as a broccoli with a message that read “Happy Pride from your broc-ally”

Favourite movie: Spice World

Favourite curse word: my favourite F word is “fashion”

People would be surprised to learn: That when I was younger I was a very quiet child

A cause that is close to your heart: Rainbow Railroad

The piece of advice you wish you had gotten 10 years ago: Just be gay

Favourite emoji: The woman in the red dress dancing

Favourite podcast: The Chop

Favourite aperitif: I love a frozen slushie from a gas station

A scent that transports you: Mahogany teak wood

Favourite Instagram account: My own…hello

The person that inspires you most: My mom because she is the most fearless person I know

Three people you would dine with, dead or alive: Priyanka Chopra, Billy Porter and Beyoncé

Shoppers Drug Mart is supporting the LGBTQIA2S+ community by contributing 10 per cent of all sales of the collection up to a total of $20,000 to PFlag Canada.  The retailer will also be supporting PFlag Canada, PFlag Toronto and The 519 with a donation of $20,000.

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