Feet are often the first to be neglected as the weather draws colder, but with summer on the horizon, it’s time to peel off the woolen socks and have a good look at what lies beneath. 

Cold, dry weather quickly leads to cracked heels, brittle nails and the ever-popular winter reptile-style skin—not the best of looks, especially when sandal season is coming up fast.

OPI Educator and Esthetician Michelle Sproat’s recommends getting a professional pedicure to fight off lizard feet. “Every 4-6 weeks is ideal,” she says, “but at the very least get a pedicure every time the seasons change, and be diligent with home care.”

Sproat also advises keeping on top of calluses by using a pumice stone or foot file regularly after the bath or shower, and follow up with a good exfoliating and rich, moisturizing cream.

Care for your feet

Tired tootsies will love a boost from a peppermint or cooling moisturizer. Extra dry skin? Look for products with aloe or shea butter.

If nails are discoloured – a sign you’ve been wearing your polish for far too long – buff the tops gently and take a break from wearing darker colours.

Never cut your cuticles – they exist to help fight infections.  Instead, Sproat says you should oil them and push them back gently with an orange stick to encourage healthy nail growth.

Stop the squeeze! Always wear shoes that fit properly to avoid common complaints like thickening or cracking toenails, blisters or corns.

Sometimes feet need more than just a cosmetic keep up. If you’re suffering from more medical concerns like ingrown toenails, bunions or joint pain it’s important to see a professional doctor or podiatrist.