I do my makeup when I get to the office in the morning. This gives me the chance to test new beauty products that, as a beauty editor, are sent to me by the truck load daily. I’m also the most productive in the morning that I’m going to be all day, so I allot myself 20 minutes to find this new makeup and put it on my face. 

Luckily, YouTuber/influencer/generally fabulous person Patrickstarrr was recently in town promoting his new makeup collection, Floral Realness, with M.A.C Cosmetics and he agreed to do my makeup for me that morning. 

The 27-year-old Starrr, born Patrick Simondac, designed the collection from top to bottom—the first time M.A.C has ever fully turned over the making of a campaign to the one starring (no pun intended) in it.

“It’s not like I had a production team to foster this image—I edited the videos myself, I Photoshopped the pictures myself,” says Starrr. “I designed my entire outfit in the video, I picked out the fabric in downtown L.A. The headpiece that I’m wearing, we hot glue gunned and staplegunned those flowers to it.”

When he says “we,” he is referring to his tightly edited team, which includes his brother, part of whose job was pointing an industrial leaf blower at Starrr to scatter $3 flowers they had purchased themselves around him in the video. 

“They wanted that influencer touch,” says Starrr of M.A.C’s direction for the video. “Influencers already develop our own content, so why not?” 

Still, it’s impressive. Starrr has also shot and produced all the visuals for his upcoming collections with brand (there will be a total of five), which will be released throughout the year. When I suggest Patrickstarrr Productions could be a viable company in his future, he doesn’t disagree. 

In 2014, before Starrr was Starrr, he worked at a local M.A.C Cosmetics store as a makeup artist in his hometown of Orlando, Florida. Below, watch him give me an entirely wearable-for-work smoky eye using only his new collection.

The entire video took 11 minutes to film, but we’ve condensed the chitchat down to two minutes for your viewing convenience. 

Now all I need is a hairbrush (and uh, some powder and maybe an iron?) and I’m ready for work.