Move over, coffin nails. We’re entering the era of lipstick nails, the brainchild of Seoul-based nail artist Eunkyung Park. The lipstick nail shape features a diagonally squared-off tip that recalls the slant of a lipstick bullet.

Park, who is the owner of nail studio Unistella, is no stranger to nail trends—in fact, you’ve probably seen her work before.  She’s known for kicking off nail trends like shattered glass nails, wire art and nail jewellery, just to name a few.


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“I’ve been keeping my nails short for a long time, but recently I started loving [the look] of longer nails,” Park told us. However, despite liking the look in theory, she found longer nails uncomfortable in practice. Lipstick nails are a happy medium.

“I thought [the lipstick nail shape] was pretty and unique, but I still was a bit afraid to try it, too,” she said. “I think people might feel the same way at first, but I’m sure they’ll realize how comfortable it is once they give it a try.”

The lipstick nails are already gaining traction in the buzziest way possible—on the hands of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK member Jennie Kim.

“I think she’ll be the first of many to try the look,” says Park—and if her past nail art trends are anything to go by, we strongly agree.