Moschino has partnered with Sephora Collection to release the fashion brand’s first-ever makeup line. The seven-piece collaboration will be available in stores and online this August. [Update: The products will be available online August 11, and in stores August 17.] In an exclusive interview with ELLE Canada, Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott says that it is imperative to him that everyone who wants to be a part of the Moschino family can afford to do so. “I’ve wanted that since day one,” says Scott. “I learned very early on how much young people love my work, and sometimes they don’t have the means to get it. This is another way for me to do Moschino and not sacrifice quality. It’s a lot more accessible. I love to be able to put my arms around more people and have them be a part of the Moschino family in some capacity.” 

In addition to the five items pictured below, the collection will also include a Bear Eye Mask ($25) made of super-soft faux fur, as well as a Bear Compact Mirror ($28). Standout items from the line include a teddy-bear-shaped eyeshadow palette (in real life, it’s even larger than it looks below—about the size of a child’s toy) and a bear-shaped necklace that houses a lip gloss. “I just love the power of makeup and the way it can transform your mood,” says Scott. “I think that’s such a beautiful thing.”

Read more about the collection in the September issue of ELLE Canada, on newsstands August 7. 


Eyeshadow Palette


Moschino + Sephora Collection Bear Eyeshadow Palette ($60), available at 



Brush Set 


Moschino + Sephora Collection Bear Brush Set ($68 for a set of five), available at 




Moschino + Sephora Collection Bear Highlighter ($28), available at 



Lip Gloss Set 


Moschino + Sephora Collection Bear Lip Gloss Chain ($40 for the set, which includes six lipglosses), available at 


Mini Eyeshadow Palette 



Moschino + Sephora Collection Shopping Bag Mini Palette ($23), available at