Can we please have Miranda Kerr as our best friend? A Pinterest favourite for her off-duty look, (dark denim skinnies, oversized sunnies and always a coveted It Bag) she’s also warm and maternal (see: Flynn) and has even written two books of daily affirmations for young women, sharing what she’s learned during her years as a globe-trotting supe.

And now after a hectic year of fronting campaigns for H&M, Reebok, Swarovski and Clear shampoo, she’s the new face (and wraparound smile) of
Escada’s new Joyful fragrance, her infectious positive attitude a perfect match for this exuberant blend of lush blooms (“peony is my favourite flower”) and warm woods.

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Q: Your book, Treasure Yourself, is such a surprise. We’d expect a model to maybe write a beauty book instead.

Miranda Kerr: Empowering women to embrace their individuality is something that is very dear to my heart. I really want women and young women especially to feel like they don’t have to be fit into a certain category. They can be authentic, they can be an individual and they can feel powerful within themselves and really want to grow and learn and expand on what they’re passionate about.

Every woman has something to offer to the world. I really want to empower women to support each other, to build each other up. And encourage the authenticity in each other.

Q: As a certified health practitioner, we know eating a nutrition-dense, organic diet is important to you. What’s your breakfast secret?

MK: “I have my little smoothie recipe. So I have the little travel baggies that I make before I leave the house and just add water to that or coconut water if they have it, wherever I go.”

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Miranda Kerr’s Power Smoothie

Into a zip-top bag, put 1 tablespoon each of acai powder, goji berries, spirulina, raw cacao powder, maca powder, chia seeds and 1 ½ T vegan rice protein powder. Stir into a glass of coconut water and drink up!

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Q: We’ve seen you on Instagram doing an impromptu face mask while stretching on your carpet at home (multi-tasking at its finest) but do you see anyone special for facials?

MK: I have one that comes to me and gives me oxygen facials and her name’s Tarin. She travels between LA and NY. (She’s referring to star facialist Tarin Graham.)

Q: And you’re a client of Canadian hair stylist Harry Josh?

MK: So funny, I saw Harry the other day. I work with him a lot, and he’s cut and coloured my hair a lot. I’ll get my hair cut on the job, or they’ll do a couple of little highlights while I’m there.

Q: Do you enjoy getting manicures?

MK: I really like getting manicures. I love a
bright nail especially for the summer. I love a bright red, like an orangey red. Otherwise I like a nude nail.

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Q: We hear you have a special way of applying fragrance.

MK: I might spray a little bit on my clothes before I put them on and I like to apply it to the ends of my hair, so when I walk through a room it’s a subtle way of making my presence.

Q: Do you have a special fragrance memories from your childhood in Gunnedah, Australia?

MK: I remember the frangipane tree. They smell so good. And my dad would say, “Can you smell the rain coming?” That smell really reminds me of Australia.”

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Q: Escada Joyful seems to be like you: a happy floral with earthy base. Are you still the same small town girl you were?

  I feel like the essence of who I am, my natural character is very fun and I like to be and be very present with my friends and my family and when I’m at work.

Q: What do you think of the statement, “things are better with lipstick”?

MK: Kissing is better with lip balm, not lipstick.

Escada Joyful Eau de Parfum Spray ($104 for 75 mL).


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