Kat Von D Beauty is one of many cosmetic brands that have responded to the growing demand for digital beauty content by taking matters into their own hands. The edgy makeup empire has created a YouTube channel that will feature makeup tutorials, product swatches and information on new products to “reinvent artistry for the 21st century,” says Kelly Coller, head of global marketing for Kat Von D Beauty. To support this endeavour, the brand has also created an “artistry collective” made up of four women who will act as both professional makeup artists and social media influencers for the brand on a global level.

“I am so excited to expand the Kat Von D Beauty family with these extremely talented women who are the perfect reflection of the brand,” says Von D. “I discovered these gifted artists through their remarkable work on their personal Instagram accounts, and while each one of these ladies is brilliant in her own right, we are unstoppable together as the Artistry Collective.” 

We chatted with Leah Carmichael, one of the members of the Artistry Collective, about how she came to be selected for this project, her favourite Kat Von D product and the beauty trend she is ready to wave goodbye to.


How does your own beauty aesthetic complement the Kat Von D brand?

Kat Von D’s idea to put together the Artistry Collective team is genius. She chose four artists who all have their specific strengths, and I was lucky enough to be chosen to be one of them. Although I am a well-rounded makeup artist, I think Kat really sees how much work I have put into mastering the world of complexion, and that is something that I am so excited to bring to the table!

What is your favourite Kat Von D product and why?

People always ask me this question, and it’s always so difficult to answer because I truly love the entire Kat Von D Beauty collection!   But, if I had to choose just one, it would be Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks.  This formula is bulletproof and the shade range is out of this world!


Kat Von D Everlasting Obsession Liquid Lipstick Collector’s Edition ($300), at sephora.com.

What makeup application trend needs to end?

Personally, I love to contour, but I think one of the biggest makeup mistakes people make is to contour when it’s not necessary.  Thankfully for you guys, the Artistry Collective team has filmed some super helpful contouring tips and tricks that will be on our Kat Von D Beauty YouTube channel soon!

Where is the next wave of makeup trends heading?

I’m obsessed with the natural face and bold lip combo I’ve seen lately. It’s very editorial, but very wearable.  Right now, I’ve been addicted to wearing the shade Nahz Fur Atoo ($24) [in the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick line], sephora.com because it’s the most romantic, rich red that I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Wait until you see the 25 new shades of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick that we are about to launch!