Master the no-makeup makeup look in six simple steps with these tips from Jada Campbell, national education manager for NYX Professional Makeup. 

Prepare your skin

“It’s very important to prep your skin before you apply makeup,” says Jada. Exfoliating your face and using a cleansing oil will help to improve the appearance and texture. Next, make sure to apply a good makeup base. “The Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator will add a subtle shimmer to your skin, while making your foundation last longer,” she says. Take note: a little goes a long way!

Base illuminatrice Born to Glow

The Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator, NYX Professional Makeup | Price: $16

Even out your skin tone

Again, less is more. “The new Total Control Drop Foundation, launched by NYX Professional Makeup this year, offers a choice of 24 shades,” says Jada. “We recommend choosing two: one that is a match for your colouring, and a second to shape your features and create a light contouring effect.” Apply a few drops of foundation and blend with the Pro Multi-Purpose Buffing Brush for a perfectly uniform finish.

Fond de teint goutte Contrôle Total (Porcelain)

Pinceau professionnel multi-usage, de NYX Professional Makeup

Total Control Drop Foundation, NYX Professional Makeup | Price: $16

Pro Multi-Purpose Buffing Brush, NYX Professional Makeup | Price: $17

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Camouflage your imperfections

“Using an under-eye cream that will simultaneously camouflage and illuminate is essential for getting this look,” says Jada. Choose a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, and apply under your eyes to cover up dark circles. You can also apply to the upper eyelid for to illuminate the face. 


Add a little light

Find a liquid or powder highlighter. “A product like the DUO Chromatic Illuminating Powder will create a more eye-catching effect,” explains Jada. Apply to the inner corner of the eye and above your cheekbones for a lit-from-within glow. Jada recommends this product is applied using fingertips. “This warms up the product first so that it bonds well with your skin,” she says. Another advantage of going without a brush: better control and the ability to blend the product without smudging your foundation. 

Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder

DUO Chromatic Illuminating Powder | Price: $13

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Warm up your skin tone

With a Pro Fan Brush apply a matte bronzing powder to your cheekbones and the perimeter of your face. “For a tanned look, you can even lightly brush the bridge of your nose,” says Jada.


Pro Fan Brush, NYX Professional Makeup | Price: $17 ​

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Set your look

Choose a Makeup Setting Spray according to the look you want. “Depending on what you want, you can go with a matte or dewy finish,” notes Jada. A few sprays is enough to ensure makeup lasts all day. (Plus, it creates a flattering shimmer!) 

Vaporisateur pour finition maquillage, Dewy Finish

Vaporisateur pour finition maquillage, Matte Finish

Makeup Setting Spray , Dewy Finish, de NYX Professional Makeup | Price: $10, each

Makeup Setting Spray , Matte Finish, de NYX Professional Makeup | Price: $10, each

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