Holiday beauty tips are never more crucial than when hitting the holiday party circuit. The reason for this is because, getting hit with a holiday hangover is an unfortunate side effect of being a social regular. This year, we refuse to sacrifice any evening filled with canapés and champagne, so we can look and feel our best at the office. Instead, we caught up with celebrity hair and makeup artist Amy Duclos to get her
holiday beauty tips and tricks to beating any hangover and making you look like you got a full eight hours of sleep the night before. You’re welcome.

Holiday hangover cure: Re-blance with water

“My favourite thing right now is drinking Alkaline water and I love the brand Santevia,” says Duclos. A tip gleaned from her A-list roster of clients (who aren’t strangers when it comes to late night soirées and early mornings) is to keep a Santevia water bottle– complete with a built in filter that turns pedestrian tap water into alkaline water–on hand 24/7. The benefits of swigging alkaline water include a boosted metabolism and increased energy as well as hydrating your partied out body. "I recommend you drink a glass of alkaline water before you go to bed and one when you wake up," say Duclos. "Not only is it great for your health but it makes you feel like you never went out the night before." Considering all the holiday beauty tips, this one is definitely worth testing the waters.

Holiday hangover cure:
Remove the evidence

“We’ve all had those nights where you forget to wash your face or maybe you don’t wash it thoroughly,” says Duclos. To rid your face of tell-tale signs of
holiday night parties, Duclos recommends using an exfoliating face scrub to help wake you up and give you clean fresh skin. “I actually love using a Clarisonic to really buff and polish my skin," says Duclos. "It completely removes any trace of last night’s makeup, gives you an instant glow and helps skin absorb moisturizers which make your face look healthy and plump instead of sallow."

Holiday hangover cure: Brighten up “Mix a luminizer in with your moisturizer to give you that lite-from-within glow,” Duclos says. She recommends using a product like RMS living luminizer–a favourite of supermodel Erin Wasson—to give you an even and glowing overall complexion.

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Holiday hangover cure: In the shadows

Darkness under your eyes is a telltale sign of a night out. To disguise the evidence, Duclos suggests using an under eye concealer with a yellow undertone to mask darkness. “Use your pinky finger to apply the product,” says Duclos. “Dab it in the inner corner of your eye and blend outwards to avoid looking like you’ve got rings around your eyes.”

Holiday hangover cure: Colour me up

The morning after a night sipping champagne can leave you looking a bit grey or sallow, to stop yourself form looking like the living-dead, Duclos recommends wearing a bright lip colour. “A bright berry or fuchsia can just give you that added pick me up you need to get over looking like you were out all night.”

Holiday hangover cure: Hair savers

Dry shampoo. Dry shampoo. DRY SHAMPOO!! If you’re someone who can be over-zealous with a spray application, Duclos recommends applying a powder formula to your roots and thoroughly rubbing the product through your hair to get rid of grease and give you a freshly shampooed look. “When in doubt, using a little hair spray and tossing your hair into a messy bun is always a safe bet.

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