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Top winter spa treatments from around the globe

The spa: Ancient Cedars Spa at Wickaninnish Inn

Location: Tofino, BC, Canada

Treatment: West Coast Sacred Sea Treatment

Get winterized: Nothing
soothes winter skin quite like a good soak and the West Coast Sacred Sea Treatment at the Ancient Cedars Spa at Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, BC is the perfect way to give your skin what it needs. The hydrotherapy treatment, which uses Sea Flora (an organic seaweed skin care line local to Vancouver Island), begins with an exfoliation to prep the skin before being soaked. “Soothing sea kelp soak is added to the water for detoxification and to revive the body with vitamins,” says Juanette van Staden, the spa manager. “Then, the oil free body polish is applied to slough off dead skin cells and remove impurities while improving new cell growth,” she says. After the body is polished, a firming and hydrating seaweed gel is applied to the entire body. “The gel used is nutrient rich and has properties that will heal, calm and hydrate the skin,” says van Staden. “The guest’s entire body is then wrapped in warm linens. West Coast Sacred Sea treatment concludes with a full body moisturizer application, which helps balance, the moisture of the skin, leaving skin feeling like cashmere.”

The winter bliss factor: According to van Staden, the West Coast Sacred Sea treatment will leave your mind body and soul rejuvenated. Total bliss.

Price: The cost of the treatment is $180 per person as a single treatment or $200 per person as a side-by-side treatment in a premiere room.

The spa: St. Pancras Spa

Location: London, England

Treatment: Ritual of the Five Flowers Facial (60 minutes)

Get winterized: Winter can take its toll on our skin, particularly on the skin on our face. But a
hydrating facial at the St. Pancras Spa in London can help you to put your best face forward. The Ritual of the Five Flowers Facial is based on a skincare regimen that was once used by Balinese princesses. The treatment blends the extracts of five tropical flowers (gardenia, hibiscus, frangipani, ylang-ylang and lotus) to cleanse the face and neck.

The winter bliss factor: This treatment will restore sparkle and vitality to the skin, making you ready to face the world. One of the best spa treatments ever? We’ll let you be the judge.

Price: £120

The spa: Adlon Spa by Resense

Location: Berlin, Germany

Treatment: Adlon Ritual

Get winterized: This treatment starts with a lavender and rosewood foot compress, then segues effortlessly into a full body treatment that includes body brushing, a black grape and sunflower exfoliation, an antioxidant green tea wrap and a floral bath. Next up: A full body massage using geranium and ylang-ylang extracts, then a customized facial treatment designed to hydrate, nourish or purify, based on the skin’s specific needs. The treatment winds down with a cranial therapy and a shoulder and neck massage, using extracts of lemon eucalyptus and incense. All this in one treatment? We say: Sign us up!

Winter bliss factor: It goes without saying that this treatment will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth but even better, this three-hour treatment will help to transport you far from your current worries and is the perfect antidote to the winter blues.

320 euros

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Above image of Blue Lagoon by Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington

The spa: Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa Iceland

Location: Grindavik, Iceland

Treatment: Silica Salt Glow In-Water Full Body Treatment

Get winterized: If the folks in Iceland don’t know how to soothe winter skin, then no one does! That’s why we recommend the Silica Salt Glow In-Water Full Body Treatment at the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Grindavik. This treatment is an Icelandic woman’s best-kept secret to restore the glow skin loses during the harsh, drying months of Icelandic winters, says Magnea Gudmundsdottir, the PR manager for the spa. “And what better way to hydrate dry skin than to move the treatment into the actual warm geothermal waters of the lagoon?” The treatment itself begins by lying in the geothermally heated seawater and the body is scrubbed with mineral salts to exfoliate dead skin and to stimulate blood flow. Then the body is massaged with Blue Lagoon mineral oils to provide intense moisture to fight winter dryness.

Winter bliss factor:
“After the Silica Salt Glow In-Water Full Body Treatment, your skin is left feeling hydrated, exhilarated, supple and renewed while your entire body and spirit is invigorated and has a healthy glow,” says Gudmundsdottir.

Price: $90

The spa: Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars Palace

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Treatment: Winter Wonderland Get winterized: This 75-minute hydrating winter experience starts with the fragrance of vanilla and cinnamon, combined with a golden caramel body milk loofah exfoliation, to soften dry winter skin. “A relaxing massage with moisture-retaining agave nectar oil prepares the body for a light wrap,” explains Shannon Stringert, Director of Qua Baths & Spa. “A warm honey glaze will sooth tired feet while enjoying a scalp massage to heighten the level of relaxation. A silky-soft double moisturizing application of honeysuckle orange custard cream seals in the softness.”

Winter bliss factor: With a focus on hydration, you will leave this treatment feeling utterly moisturized from head to toe. No more covering up … you’re going to want to show this glowing skin off!

Price: $210

The spa: Sensory Spa by Clarins at Westin Playa Bonita

Location: Panama City, Panama

Treatment: Hot and cold hydrotherapy

Get winterized: At the Sensory Spa by Clarins at the Westin Playa Bonita hotel in Panama, guests are invited to relax, refresh and rejuvenate with a circuit of hot and cold water treatments designed to stimulate circulation in the skin and muscles, leading to an overall healthier look and feel. Put on your bathing suit and get a circuit recommendation that suits your skin’s needs. Try the hot steam bath or Finnish sauna, then step under the spa’s invigorating rain shower for a cooling experience that will put your body on full alert. You can end the experience in the relaxation room with a cold drink or hot tea.

Winter bliss factor: You definitely won’t be asleep when you finish this treatment! The cold therapies may shock you but they’ll awaken your senses and stimulate blood flow, leading to a healthy glow.

Hydrotherapy services are free of charge when you book a treatment at the spa.

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