In a world where it feels like every celebrity has their own beauty line, makeup savants know the real experts are the ones A-listers turn to when it comes time to getting their glam done: celebrity makeup artists.

Mary Phillips is one said makeup artist who has piqued TikTok’s interest with a subversive makeup application hack that will have you acing your base every time.

As the makeup artist to Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner (no biggie), Phillips knows a thing or two about achieving flawless foundation application.
In fact, you could go as far as saying she’s the secret weapon to achieving Hailey’s coveted glazed donut  look or Kendall’s soft blush aesthetic.
Even more so, she’s pioneered a whole new way of lining your lips, using simple tricks that are oblivious to the untrained eye to dramatically enhance your natural appearance.
Now, Phillips has shared her best-kept beauty commandment that will achieve that ‘I’ve just gotten back from a month in Europe’ glow.
Or as they’re calling it on TikTok, the viral inverted base technique that will change the way (and the order) you apply makeup forever.
If you’ve ever wondered how the likes of Hailey and Kendall always have this enviable inner-glow that makes them look delicately chiselled, than allow us to part Mary’s wisdom with you.
In the words of Beyoncé, her technique is pure.

Without further ado, keep scrolling below for an expert-approved guide to recreating Mary Phillip’s reverse bronzing hack that will leave you with a dewy, your-skin-but-better base.


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Mary Phillips’ Viral Makeup Technique

Like most viral makeup techniques (see: the sleepy eye technique), Mary Phillips’ viral makeup hack involves subverting how you’d conventionally use your makeup products and tools.
The result is a supermodel-approved way of applying your foundation, concealer and contour for an almost texture-less and softly sculpted complexion.
This application technique requires minimal effort—seriously, it only uses five products max—zero skills (though be prepared to do some blending) and leaves you looking snatched for the gods.

Don’t believe us? Simply look at the almost 2 million TikTok viewers trying this viral method for themselves.


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How To Apply Mary Phillips’ Makeup Technique To Look Like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner

Remember when we said this look was incredibly easy to replicate? We weren’t lying, trying this look will only take three steps.

So put the notebook down, grab your makeup bag and get ready to commit this method to memory.

The secret to Phillips’ flawless foundation look is pretty much reversing the order you apply your makeup. Genius, we know.

They say if it’s not broken than don’t fix it, and while it may be true Mary is giving us a reason to look at things from a new perspective.

Rather than layer your creamy contour and concealing products on top of a thin layer of foundation, Philips advises that the best way to achieve a bronzed, blended appearance is to put foundation on last. Mind. Blown.

Here’s exactly how you can achieve the Mary Phillips foundation look:

1. Apply Your Cream Contour To The Parts Of Your Face That You’d Typically Bronze

You may be thinking that contour should be the last step, but here Mary recommends using it as the first step.

On a clean, skincare-prepped face, apply a cream contour to the parts you’d typically bronze. This is usually the natural shadow sections of your face, like below your cheekbones, underneath your jaw and on the bridge of your nose.

Using a cream contour rather than a powder contour allows for greater control and gives the product more depth when you blend it out for a perfectly carved cheek.

At this stage in the routine, you may feel like you look like a circus clown with harsh, un-blended lines but fear not for this is only the beginning.


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2. Apply Your Concealer To The High Points Of Your Face And Blend

Using your favourite creamy and super supple concealer, Mary advises the next step is to swatch your concealer over the high points of your face, or places you’d like to conceal, cover or illuminate. Typically, this would be your undereye, on your forehead and your chin.
Once the product is applied, you want to go in with a fluffy brush to blend the two together. What is important here is to try to blend everything as seamlessly as possible.
Sure, it still may feel a little harsh but once the foundation is diffused over your entire complexion the end result will be a dreamy, flawless base.

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3. Using A Large Powder Blush, Blend Your Foundation Over Your Entire Face In Upward Strokes

The third and final step is where the magic happens. This part is also where it becomes a little more complicated.

Once your contour and concealer is blended together, the next step is to apply a small amount of foundation over the entirety of your face.
To do this the Mary Phillips-approved way is to squirt a pump of your foundation onto the back of your hand (that way you can control how much product you’re applying) and start buffing the foundation from the centre of your face outwards in upward strokes.
Oh, and did we mention that Mary likes to use a fluffy powder brush? Indeed, those super fluffy brushes that you’d typically reserve for brushing of your baking powder or setting your skin at the end routine actually can (and should) be used for foundation application.
Mary also recommends that applying the product to your centre of your face means you have less foundation gathering around your hairline, which will give your complexion a more seamless appearance.

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Once the foundation is seemingly buffed over your concealer and contour, the result will be super flushed and lived-in skin that will have you looking like you just stepped off the runway.
Red carpet skin you can achieve in under five minuets? Now that’s a hack we’ll be taking with us into 2023.
Once you have your perfect base down pat, simply proceed with the remainder of your makeup routine, whether that be a Euphoria style graphic eye or a clean girl brushed up brow.
That is until Mary Phillips parts more wisdom with us. We’ll be patiently refreshing TikTok with anticipation…