THE PRO: Makeup artist Francesca Tolot (aka Beyoncé’s go-to).

THE VISION: “We wanted a very natural and soft look. Downplayed, as far as makeup goes. I gave her a nice, sun-kissed glow.”

GET THE LOOK: “For the eyes I used eye shadow from my Ofra X Francesca Toltot Infinite Palette. For the dewy skin, I used a very light layer of Nars Sheer Glow foundation and no powder, to keep the skin moist. Then I used a light bronzer almost as a contour and created a darker tone in the skin that gives the illusion of a contour without seeing it. I dusted a highlighter blush all over, even on the eyelids, and then finished with mascara and lipstick.”

FAVE SPRING TREND: “Colour. It’s going to be colour eyeshadows.”



THE PRO: Hairstylist Matthew Collins.

THE VISION: “Messy, undone and effortless. It’s not straight, but it’s not curled. I tried not to wave it too much, that would bring it up, and the length is good as is. We kept the ends a bit straighter and added a bit more texture to the top.”

GET THE LOOK: “We curled small pieces in an irregular pattern, putting more of the heat in the root area so it’s got that bubble at the root. Then I left it a little bit straighter near the ends—you have to pull the curling iron through the ends really quickly so it’s got some polish and bend. Then I did a deep side part, so it’s got that vibe, and then a gritty, matte paste through her ends. After that, I shook it out and used a wide-toothed comb and L’Oréal’s Crêpage de Chignon texturizing hairspray.” 



THE PRO: Manicurist Tom Bachik (aka J.Lo’s go-to manicurist).

THE VISION: “We wanted something that worked with all of the outfits and went for a delicate full-coverage nude with a soft, pinky tone to it.”

GET THE LOOK: “We took the length down a little bit and gave Lana a strong, natural shape—not quite oval, she still has straight sides and a natural edge. The shade I used is called Organdi by Chanel. The thing I love about this colour is that it looks great on both pale and darker skin tones. It has a bit of a grey undertone, so it’s almost like a dirty nude, which is so cool. We also added a matte top coat, just to give it a bit of an editorial edge.”

SPRING TREND: “Dirty nudes. They have a little bit of grey to them and I think that gives them a modern feel—even your mauves! It works perfect with all those pastel-y colours.”