When I speak to Gal Gadot, it’s only about two hours away from the big, super-embargoed reveal that she is Revlon’s new global brand ambassador. “I’m literally in hair and makeup,” says the actress over the phone from New York as she prepares for the day of press ahead. Is she nervous? Jittery? Palms sweaty? Not in the slightest. “I’m happy! I’ve met with all of them [at Revlon] and they’re wonderful people. And it’s really right and good for me.”

That’s the boss attitude we’ve come to expect from the Wonder Woman star who helmed one of the biggest movies of the year (directed by the equally awe-inspiring Patty Jenkins).

Here, the Israeli actress talks about the power of a red lip, the Wonder Woman beauty aesthetic and Oprah.


When did you know working with Revlon was right for you?

I was approached by a few cosmetic companies and Revlon felt like the perfect fit. I really, really love how involved they are in supporting education. They’re so philanthropic and they work a lot with different communities. I really, really respect that. Also, when I was a young girl, I remember that my mother and grandmother used to own many different Revlon products. I felt that it was the perfect fit for me.


Did you ever sneak products from your mom and grandma?

Yes, I did! Lipstick. I don’t remember what exactly what shade, but it was red lipstick and black eyeliner.


What are some of your favourite products today?

I love the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick. I love a strong lip. If I work all day and then need to go out for dinner, I use a strong lip. Red is my strong colour. And the Mega Multiplier mascara – it’s very dramatic. I love long lashes and it’s easy to apply, it stays for long, it doesn’t flake. It’s great.



Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara ($11.49), at drug stores and mass-market retailers.



What do you admire about your Wonder Woman character’s beauty aesthetic? 

What I love about Wonder Woman, and that was something we were talking about from the very beginning, is that she needs to look like she doesn’t wear anything, and look perfect. That’s my motto with makeup as well. Less is more. But with Wonder Woman, I really love the dewy skin. And the way we did that is we mixed the foundation with some lotion and then you apply as you would your [face] cream. It looks dewy and like a second skin and evens out your skin tone.

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Revlon’s new campaign is all about Living Boldly – pushing yourself out of your boundaries and championing yourself and other women. Why is that so important to you, especially in this current cultural climate?

With everything that’s going on in Hollywood and the world right now, this year has been the year of the women. I think that in this crucial momentum, it’s very important the trendsetters and trendsetting brands such as Revlon support and help move this forward. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about equal opportunities and equal pay and equal [everything for] women. 


So who is inspiring you these days?

[There are] so many amazing women out there who were just at the Golden Globes two nights ago. And hearing Oprah talking on stage is just mind-blowing. She has so much charisma and wisdom. I was very inspired by her!