What trait are you most proud of?

KK: My most proud skillset is the fact that I can sleep anywhere, essentially. I can fall asleep standing up. I can fall asleep here in this chair if you gave me a minute.

What do you wear makeup-wise?

KK: I try and wear as little makeup as possible on days off. Flying, I just wear a lot of moisturizer.

What’s your moisturizer of choice?

KK: I like Embryolisse, the classic French one. L’Oréal has a really good BB cream, and actually, if I need a little bit of coverage I’ll do a BB cream – a BB cream, a flick of mascara, some lip balm and cream blush, and out the door.

Did you first meet Taylor last year at this event?

KK: Yes.

Is that how you kind of really started bonding?

KK: Yes.

And do you guys have any plans for your anniversary as friends? Are you guys gonna get to hang out in London while you’re here?

KK: We’re hanging out here; we’re hanging out now! This is the biggest, best party you could ask for. It is really special to walk in the show with her again. It’s crazy to think that that was only a year ago, when we met. This is so special. There is no runway show on earth like this – and Taylor’s an honorary Angel herself! She’s gonna rock it out there and it’s really fun to be able to interact with someone. You know, the performances are such a big part of the overall show. So the performers interacting with the girls is vital.

And it helps to be friends with them first.

KK: That always helps!