So you’re the only Canadian model at the VS show, very exciting.

GM: Very much!

Bath or shower?

GM: Ooh, I love a bath.

Blow dry or air dry?

GM: Blow dry.

Lipstick or lip gloss?

GM: Lip gloss – no! Lipstick [laughs].

It’s a hard one.

GM: Yeah!

Lip statement or eye statement?

GM: Ooh… lip statement.

Ocean or lake?

GM: Ocean.

Cardio or strength?

GM: Cardio.

Favourite place in the world?

GM: My country, Eritrea.

Best thing that happened this year?

GM: This show [laughs].

First crush?

GM: Umm, my family friend.

The last place you bought something?

GM: Victoria’s Secret!


GM: No, in New York.

Most beautiful woman in the world?

GM: My mother.

Most beautiful man in the world?

GM: My father [laughs].  Sorry!

Best beauty advice you’ve been given or want to give?

GM: Stay confident and believe in yourself.  

Hair secrets?

GM: Less is more.

Any skincare secrets?

GM: Rooibos tea. I love drinking it.

Is there anything you’re currently obsessed with?

GM: Umm… swimsuits [laughs]. Now that I’m doing this show and I’m going to St. Barth’s next week.

Wax, shave or laser?

GM: Wax.

Where would you live besides where you’re living now?

GM: Somewhere warm, on a beach.

Best present you’ve ever received?

GM: I’m grateful for any present, actually.

That’s good. Three words to describe yourself?

GM: Fun, energetic, giving.

Favourite movie?

GM: Love and Basketball.

iPhone or Android?

GM: iPhone.

Coolest thing in this room?

GM: The energy.

Favourite food?

GM: Dish, you mean?


GM: Fish and roasted veg.

Favourite exercise?

GM: Kickboxing.    

Dogs or cats?

GM: Dogs.

Favourite spa treatment?

GM: Massage.

Last country visited?

GM: Umm, Canada.

Favourite colour?

GM: Blue.

Heels or flats?

GM: Heels.

Leather or lace?

GM: Leather.

Skill you’d love to master?

GM: Playing the piano.

Favourite app?

GM: Duolingo.

Best way to de-stress?

GM: Yoga.

Three things you can’t live without?

GM: My phone, my family, and a blow dryer [laughs].

So you blow dry your own hair?

GM: Yeah.

And the last person you texted?

GM: My boyfriend!

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