Maybelline has teamed up with Puma for 12-piece makeup collection, coming to Canada on March 1. According to an Instagram post, the collection combines “beauty and sport,  bringing you high-performance products designed for the streets with the stamina to survive the gym.” It will include five new shades of Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick, four eyeshadow sticks in matte and metallic shades, a face-duo stick, one new shade of Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter and a “smudge-proof” mascara. 

Amy Whang, senior vice president of marketing for Maybelline told WWD that both Maybelline and Puma are going after younger consumers, which they refer to as “the ‘hustle generation,’” she says. “They’re running around doing different things, working by day and DJing by night. We wanted to provide product that would keep up with them.”


Longtime Maybelline spokesmodel Adriana Lima appears in the campaign for the collection, which is fitting: The model has previously told us she regularly wears makeup to the gym.

“When I’m working out, sometimes I post pictures and that’s when you see that I’m actually wearing mascara. It runs [down] my face. I clean whatever is on the skin and apply more when I’m finished,” says Lima.  “On my Instagram [people comment] and they’re like, ‘She’s wearing makeup!’ Yes, I am! [Laughs]” 

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INTRODUCING #PUMAXMAYBELLINE ? We're joining forces with @puma to combine beauty and sport, bringing you high-performance products designed for the streets with the stamina to survive the gym. These bold, street style shades will keep your #makeupgamestrong whether you're casually slaying or breaking a sweat. The full collection includes: 5 new #superstaymatteink shades 4 matte + metallic eye duo sticks 1 color + gloss face duo stick 1 new shade of #masterchrome metallic highlighter 1 smudge proof mascara Available online for pre-order in select German ?? + Polish ?? retailers and @superdrug in the UK ??. Check out the dates below to find out when it's coming to your country! ?? Jan 19; ?? Jan 21; ?? Feb 1; ??+?? Feb 4; ?? Feb 6; ??+?? Feb 8; ??+?? Mar 1; ?? Mar 4; ?? Apr 1

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