Problem area: Tush alert
Even J. Lo needs to be wary of her famous backside and its size, and picking the right bikini bottom is key to getting a curvy figure. Caroline Accardi of Swimsuit Essential in Toronto suggests a bikini bottom that would sit smooth against the skin and not dig in emphasizing your bottom half. “A seamless or laser cut bottom that is flush against the skin will create a smooth shape,” she suggests.

Problem area: Curvy hips
Curves are a girl’s best friend, but sometimes we need to even it all out and make it look proportional. Accardi suggests using a yoga pant-style bottom (complete with the extra fabric to roll over around the waist, like on your fave yoga pants). “Just make sure it’s not rolled over too much, or cutting in, otherwise it will make you look wider,” she warns.

Problem area: Curve-less
Envious of the all those shapely and curvaceous bods out there? The key to creating an hourglass figure is to trick the eye into thinking there are more curves than actually exist. “Monokinis (one-piece with cut outs) are great. A ‘cheeky’ boy cut for the bottom that cuts up higher on the sides is also great. And it shows a little bit of tush!” says Accardi.

Problem area: Tummy patrol
Maybe you haven’t done quite as many ab crunches as you thought you would pre-bikini season. Fear not, you can still look sinuous by drawing attention away from your tummy. “If you’re willing to expose your tummy then a hipster or low-rise by wearing the bottom low,” says Accardi. “You elongate and ‘smooth’ out the tummy.” If you want to cover your tummy up a tankini is an excellent option.Problem area: Large chest
Support is key when it comes to a larger chest in a bikini. You want to not only show off your assets but tastefully. “It does not necessarily mean a wire but that really works the best,” Accardi says.

Problem area: Small chest
If you are small chested but you want to make the most of what you have, there are a few options. Padding is the key to getting a fuller looking chest and creating a killer beach bod. “A padded top is key, but it can be a bandeau, string, halter or traditional pushup bra style,” says Accardi.

Problem area: Broad shoulders
You have sexy shoulders and have an athletic build — but that doesn’t mean you still can’t strut your sexy self down the beach. “A halter is a very nice cut as it visually pulls the eye inward and away from the width of the shoulders and back,” suggests Accardi.

Problem area: Your torso goes on forever
“Tankinis are a long torso-ed woman’s best friend!” assures Accardi. By covering up the mid-section the length is no longer the main focus. Plus, tankinis come in a huge variety of styles. “The possibilities are endless,” exclaims Accardi.

Problem area: Short torso
Unlike the torso that goes on forever, you don’t want to cover up. Instead opt for tops that don’t have a thick band under the bust says Accardi. She also suggests mixing it up with a tankini. “A mixed suit print and solid goes a long way to making the eye believe a longer length.”