If there’s one thing makeup legend Charlotte Tilbury excels at, it’s creating a flawless base. From the brand’s cult favourite Magic Cream to the viral Hollywood Flawless Filter (IYKYK), Tilbury has been pioneering iconic skincare-meets-makeup formulas since the brand’s inception. With three stellar liquid complexion products under her belt, the creation of a foundation stick was inevitable—and precisely what the brand needed.

Enter the Charlotte Tilbury Unreal Skin Sheer Glow Tint Hydrating Foundation Stick, a lightweight, blurring, and incredibly straightforward product that Tilbury describes as “makeup in seconds.” “From celebrities to friends, everyone is obsessed. They want one in the car, one in their handbag, one at home, and one at their desk,” she says.

What makes it so special? Thanks to ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E combined with the brand’s “light mapping mesh tech”, Unreal Skin creates a soft-blur, ring light-effect with minimal effort (hello fingertip application) in mere seconds. “Most people don’t know how to put on foundation or if they do, they don’t always have the time. So to be able to come up with something that gives you AI skin was amazing,” says Tilbury. “We’re living in a world where people are always looking at filters and AI. So how do we empower them to look and feel their best? I’m always thinking about that.”

Ahead, we chatted with Tilbury about the new launch, her must-haves for the perfect summer glow and what she really means when she says “AI skin.”

You mention “AI skin” a lot when you talk about this product. What does that mean to you?

“When you think of AI filters and Instagram blurring, you’re smoothing out lines and pores in seconds, and you’re making [the skin] look unreal to a certain degree. We’re trying to compete with that in real time. How do we repair the skin in seconds, turn back the clock in seconds and make [the product] easy for everyone [to use] in seconds? It’s so revolutionary. The blurring, smoothing, snatched effect is huge. And it works on all ages and all skin tones. It was quite a feat, so I’m super proud of what we’ve done.”

Like many of your products, Charlotte Tilbury Unreal Skin includes skincare. What’s important about including these ingredients in your makeup?

“For me, skin is everything. Hybrids really help change the look of your skin over time, too, because using makeup is all very well, but as much as you [create an] effect [with makeup], you also want to be doing good for your skin.”

Why would someone choose Unreal Skin over any of your other complexion products?

“You know me, I’m obsessed with looks and lighting. And they all create different looks. There’s a lot of celebrities that I work with who will use Hollywood Flawless Filter when they’re off duty, and then when they’re on camera and want that complete total coverage airbrushed look, they’ll use Airbrush Flawless Foundation. Then you’ve got Beautiful Skin, which is a medium coverage foundation. But [with all my products], you could sheer them out with Magic Cream or mix Hollywood Flawless Filter in for a glow-booster. But if you want to create AI-filtered skin, [Unreal Skin] is the closest you’re going to get to it. It’s like a time machine.”

Charlotte Tilbury Unreal Skin Sheer Glow Tint Hydrating Foundation Stick, $58

Charlotte Tilbury Unreal Skin Sheer Glow Tint Hydrating Foundation Stick, $58Charlotte Tilbury


What’s your preferred application technique?

“Honestly, it’s the most foolproof foundation I have. You don’t need to have a technique to use it, you could take it and use it all over your face. It’s so stretchable, and it doesn’t streak, so you can literally take your product and tint your skin to get that glowy holiday skin. Just make sure you take it down into your neck a little bit.”

You’re known for your ability to create an outstanding glow. What’s the quickest way to achieve it?

“If you want to look like you just went on a beach spa holiday, even in the middle of January, Unreal skin is your go-to product. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything and it’s like Hollywood lights on your skin. But again, Hollywood Flawless filter is amazing, it gives you an even more radiant boosted glow. My Beauty Light Wands are like a spotlight glow on the top of your cheek bones. I mix my Island Glow Drops with my Magic Cream for the most gorgeous healthy tint. And the unsung hero that sells out like crazy—and we never talk about it—is Healthy Glow. It’s so amazing. My dad goes crazy for it.”

When you’re working with dewy makeup, it’s easy to go overboard in the summer. How do you walk the fine line between looking glowy and looking sweaty?

“We have my Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray, which is amazing. There’s a hack that everyone does with it. You spray it on your face and as it’s setting, take a little bit of my Airbrush Powder and let that set for a minute [to blur the skin].”

You have a massive celebrity clientele but you also have this huge social media following. How do you connect to both audiences?

“The great thing about makeup and skincare is that it’s an affordable luxury. I try to do minis for people if they can’t afford the [full-size]. Everyone deserves the best, and I want everyone to look and feel like a star. So for me, it’s about taking my tricks and hacks and working with my scientists to develop products. When you have great quality products, they look great on 80-year-old skin and they look great on 18 year-old-skin. When they’re not great quality products, they will not stand that test of age.”