As far as anti-aging products are concerned, I thought I’d seen it all —from creams to lotions to hair products that promise to hold back the clock. And then I discovered Ageless anti-age perfume—a fragrance that promises to make women smell eight to 12 years younger than they really are…to men.

The makers of Ageless cite a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology that says women over 40 have a body chemical known as 2-nonenal. This substance leads to a kind of “odour” that people associate with those middle age and up.

And you thought you had to deal only with wrinkles. Now your old folk odour needs to be managed as well!?

And there’s more. When the makers of the perfume analyzed research studies, they discovered that men made associations with youth if a perfume contained fruity elements—hence pink grapefruit and mango are key fragrance notes in Ageless.

To that, I say: Are we still worrying about what men think? Sure, it’s nice to have a “pulling” perfume when you’re in full-blown seduction mode, but I think scent is a truly private pleasure. You should be wearing something that resonates for you—that speaks to you first, others second. And if perfumers are coming up with a fragrance for men to love, can’t we just dab bacon behind our ears and be done with it?

Of course, there’s no denying the psychological link between scent and perception. Many of us choose perfumes that remind us of happy memories from childhood or key moments in our lives.

Making the link between memory and scent

Singer-songwriter Faith Hill, 42, recently launched her first signature perfume, and says she chose flowers such as magnolia and peony because they were so positively associated with femininity, beauty and her experience of growing up in the southern United States.

“When I was younger, my head was in outer space,” she says. “I would have collected 15 bottles of perfume trying to figure out what I liked. With age comes self-assurance and maturity; I know what I like and what really works for me, and I’m fine with that.”

Hill is a great example of why women should wear whatever perfume they love—for whatever reason. Whether it makes you feel happy, vibrant, sexy or everything in between, you’ll radiate confidence, which is the best anti-ager around.

Here are some new fragrances I think are worth trying, as long as you like how they make you feel—aging be damned!

Here are our picks for you to experience the delight of a great scent:

A fruity floral with a retro-glam feel, Marc Jacobs Lola ($79) is a sexy evening fragrance.

Giorgio Armani Idole d’Armani ($85) is a rich floral with notes of ginger, juicy pear and rose loukoum.

Harvey Prince Ageless ($98) uses jasmine, pink grapefruit and mango to create a light and unassuming fruity floral daytime scent.

In Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci ($78), rose and bergamot mix with rhubarb zest for a fresh take on a floral perfume.

La Prairie Life Threads: Platinum ($165) is a sophisticated, edgy chypre floral with notes of plum, violet leaf and leather.

Faith Hill Parfums ($49) is a heady floral blend of crisp pear, pink peony and magnolia.

Try Lancôme Hypnôse Senses ($70), a soft chypre floral with pink pepper, osmanthus blossom and honey, if you’re looking for a relaxed weekend perfume.