Winter’s arrival is often marked by the packing away of summer sundresses (insert sad face here) and the appearance of heavy knit sweaters and tall leather boots. But our fashion choices aren’t the only things that have to adjust to accommodate the changing seasons. You also need to adjust your beauty routine. Caring for our skin and hair and even doing our makeup can benefit from simple switch-ups that will help to better protect them from the elements. We checked in with three experts to find out exactly how we should be winterizing our beauty routine for
flawless skin and makeup all winter long.


No one’s skin is immune winter’s impact but give your skin care routine a jolt and you’ll notice big differences. “When the weather gets colder, our skin tends to become more dehydrated and flaky due to the lack of humidity,” says Holly Sherrard, Education Manager for Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute Canada. “Some people may also experience less naturally occurring oils in the skin due to this lack of moisture.” The solution: Sherrard says it’s key to maintain hydration and to protect the skin with lipids, silicones and daylight protection.

Nix this: Hot showers

Super hot showers might feel great on your skin, chasing the chill from your bones. But the hotter the water, the more
dehydrated your skin will feel, leaving it flaky and itchy.

Add this: Shea butter

“The key to prevent winter skin conditions is to protect with ingredients such as shea butter, evening primrose oil, hyaluronic acid and silicones,” says Sherrard. She recommends using an acid balanced, soap-free cleanser year-round and always wearing daylight protection (SPF).

Winter essential: Skin masks

“When the skin has already become ‘winterized’ with cracks, irritation and uncomfortable dryness, treatment masks infused with vitamins and colloidal oatmeal can heal symptoms,” says Sherrard.

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Because skin tends to be drier in the winter than in the summer, Grace Lee, Lead Makeup Artist for Maybelline New York Canada recommends using more emollient and hydrating based products to keep skin looking polished, rather than dull and dry. “Also remember, in the winter, your skin experiences less sun exposure, meaning your complexion will naturally become paler,” says Lee. “Women should adjust their foundation colours in the winter to something a shade lighter to compensate for the lack of sun on the skin.” 

Nix this: Powder

“Nix the powder unless you are super oily or if the powder has a lot of talc,” advises Lee. “The result of using powder in the winter is caked on, dryer looking skin.”

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Add this: Cream blush

Since skin is so moisture-deprived during the winter months, seek out hydrating products. “Add to your makeup routine more emollient, creamier textures such as cream blushes and products infused with moisturizers,” says Lee. “Always carry a lip balm on you for back up. Dry winter months means dry lips.”

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Winter essential: BB Cream

Lee recommends using a foundation that’s moisturizing, like BB Cream, to soothe dry skin and give it a snow-kissed glow. “BB Cream really is a foolproof winter essential I highly recommend, specifically a BB cream with SPF,” she says.


Dry, frizzy and static-prone. Does this describe your wintertime hair? If it does, you’re not alone. These are common afflictions. “To combat this, we suggest hydrating hair, locking in moisture and protecting hair from future breakage,” says Lynn Mazzella, Senior Vice President, Product Development for Ojon.

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Nix this: Clarifying shampoos

“Nix over washing hair and try to avoid clarifying shampoos and over styling with heat to prevent further dehydrating hair during the dry months,” says Mazzella.

Add this: Oils

“Oils are essential for wintertime hair maintenance,” says Mazzella. A good oil won’t leave your hair feeling greasy but instead, will
add shine and moisture to hair that’s dry and damaged. Usually a small amount, distributed to hair that’s either damp or dry, can coax hair back to life with little effort and expense.

Winter essential: Intense hair treatments

Mazzella recommends incorporating
an intense hair treatment into your routine to help protect hair from breakage and to restore manageability. For a really deep rescue, she suggests using it overnight.

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