There are perks to being in your early twenties. “If I’m being honest, you’ll never see me in a gym at a hotel—it’s never going to be a thing,” twenty-two year-old model Hailey Bieber tells us of her travel fitness routine, when we reach her by phone in L.A. Here, the BareMinerals ambassador breaks down her morning and evening beauty routines, her go-to workouts and how she handles the occasional breakout.

On skincare: 

I get up, wash my face and put on a good moisturizer—I always do that before I put on any makeup. At night, I wash my face and then, because it’s winter and it’s really cold, I do hydrating masks more than usual. Then I hop in the shower, brush my teeth and put on a good serum and a thick layer of moisturizer.

I usually take vitamins (just the normal stuff, like fish oils and magnesium) before I go to bed; I always forget to take them during the day, so I take them at night—except for anything that would make me hyper. Sometimes I read a bit before bed. If I can’t sleep, I’ll put on a meditation body scan. I find that helps me sleep really well.

On wellness: 

I’m quite spiritual. I go to church and that’s a huge, huge [thing]…the biggest thing in my life. Another big thing for me is being able to take the time to meditate on whatever it is that you believe in.

On makeup: 

I love the Complexion Rescue Stick because it is super-duper hydrating. I definitely struggle with dry skin, and this has a good texture. It goes on super easily; it’s easy to blend and there are a lot of good shades to choose from. Most of the time I try not to wear makeup when I’m not working, but the Complexion Rescue is a good in-between for when I want to have a little bit [of foundation] on my face but not too much. Typically, I like to be just bare faced.

On beauty treatments: 

I definitely like doing facials, but I don’t like anything that’s an extraction or picks at the face. I go to a place called Skin Worship in L.A. Everything they use is natural. It’s nothing harsh, they just do oxygen on your face and facial cupping and Gua Sha. I go to Emma there and she’s great.

On hair: 

I’m definitely trying to make it healthier. Right now, I have a lot of extensions because sometimes I get sick of the short hair and I want to rock a little bit of long hair. When it’s short and it’s just on it’s own I just try to be careful with it – I’m not putting too much heat on it. I use Olaplex. My hair is so easy, I can usually just get out of the shower and use a blow dryer or let it air dry and it dries pin-straight.

On fitness: 

It’s hard for me to workout when I travel. If I’m being honest, you’ll never see me in a gym at a hotel—it’s never going to be a thing. When I’m in New York or in L.A., I work with a trainer. I do Rumble Boxing, hot pilates or hot yoga. I love hot pilates/yoga, it’s the best thing ever. I don’t sweat very easily [so that helps]. I love a flushed face, I just think it’s good for your skin.

On breakouts: 

I do a spot treatment. Eve Lom has something called a Rescue Mask, it’s like a sulphur tea tree mask and I put it on overnight and it helps a lot to dry out spots.