1. Always experiment.

“I’ve dyed my hair several different colours, which is part of the fun of growing up. My hair was purple, pink, blue, black, white – every colour! I pretty much destroyed it for a while.”


2. (Some) regret is normal.

“Like everyone in the ’90s, I overplucked my eyebrows – even though lots of wise people told me to stop. I was convinced that if I plucked them enough, I would look like Kate Moss. That was so sadly untrue.” [Laughs]


3. Less is more for nine-to-five.

“I always wear a little Revlon ColorStay Foundation; sometimes I mix it with my moisturizer. And I’ll use a little concealer and then mascara. I let my hair dry naturally. Maybe I’ll put some smoothing oil on the ends. I don’t really have colour in my hair right now, so it doesn’t need as much at the moment.”


4. Listen to the experts.

“I often work with makeup artist Mélanie Inglessis, and we joke that she gives me a nose job every time she does my makeup. It’s really all about contouring. But that’s something I rarely try on my own. I trust the experts; I just like to sit and chill out. But I have learned that it’s really important to blend, blend, blend and know the right shades for your skin tone.”


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