17 runway beauty looks that make perfect Halloween costumes

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So you want to be a Snapchat filter for Halloween? Start here. 

  • 1/19

    Show: Desigual

    Snapchat filters on the runway at Desigual. 

  • 2/19

    Show: Desigual

    Halloween costume: Snapchat dog filter (the cute one). 

  • 3/19

    Show: Desigual

    Halloween costume: The Snapchat filter that looks like you just came from Coachella. This one is tricky because it can be confused with the aforementioned reference, and is best executed in a group of other Snapchat filter-costumes. 

  • 4/19

    Show: Desigual

    Halloween costume: Snapchat deer filter. Bonus points if you change your voice (you know the one) to match. 

  • 5/19

    Show: Desigual

    Halloween costume: One of the pretty-making Snapchat filters (it doesn't have a universally agreed-upon name, but everyone will get it). 

  • 6/19

    Show: Galliano

    Halloween costume: The following costumes from Galliano are ideal for the last-minute/unenthused Halloween costume wearer. Just grab a mask, place it on the side of your head (you wouldn't dare to actually wear the mask over your face) and done. 

  • 7/19

    Show: Galliano

    Halloween costume: Dog?

  • 8/19

    Show: Galliano

    Halloween costume: Lion? 

  • 9/19

    Show: Galliano

    Halloween costume: This one has to be a bear...I think.  

  • 10/19

    Show: Proenza Schouler

    Halloween costume: An artist who is much too busy/unbothered to remove paint from her ear before leaving the house. 

  • 11/19

    Show: Manish Arora

    Halloween costume: The following looks are iterations of kooky, fun, won't-scare-the-kids-type of clowns. 

  • 12/19

    Show: Manish Arora


  • 13/19

    Show: Manish Arora


  • 14/19

    Show: Miyake

    Halloween costume: Origami; someone with a liking for geometric shapes. 

  • 15/19

    Show: Miyake

    The same look from behind. 

  • 16/19

    Show: Nicholas K

    Halloween costume: "I Dream of Jeannie"; Beyonc√© at the Met Gala. 

  • 17/19

    Show: Preen

    Halloween costume: A flower girl; a garden; a bouquet, etc. 

  • 18/19

    Show: Preen

    Another option from the same show. 

  • 19/19

    Show: Ottolinger

    Halloween costume: Rapunzel. 

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