Lucian Matis’ new twist on the classic ponytail

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Bouncy, squeaky-clean, cheerleader-esq ponytails are replaced with edgier interpretations at Lucian Matis’ Fall/Winter 2012 runway show. After Lucian Matis’ runway show I was unsure if I could pull off the figure-baring LBDs, but I was sold on was the braided ponytails that walked down the runway. For the third season in a row, Schwarzkopf Professional worked with the avant-garde designer to create an intricate hair style that would reflect his detailed collection. "Lucian’s pieces include a lot of lace and feathers, " said hair stylist Paul Pereira, of Solo Bace Salon. "There was a lot of great texture in the clothes and we wanted to incorporate the same idea in the hair." We went backstage to discover exactly how you can create this braided
hair style:

Styling step 1: Create a centre part from the front of your head; when you reach the crown of your head, divide your hair into a triangle formation along the back. Further divide the triangle section and braid hair from the crown of your head down to the nape of your neck.

Styling step 2: Add a serum with high shine (Pereira applied OSiS AquaSlide) to the triangle section of your hair to create a smooth and sleek braid.

 Styling step 3: "There are several variations of this style that can take the look from runway to real life" says Pereira. Play with the width and number of braids to create less severe looks or ditch the braid alltogether and opt for an 80s-style crimp to create soft and subtle texture.

Styling step 4: Secure all your hair at the nape of your neck with an elastic. Brush out the remainder of your ponytail for a softer, slightly-frizzed look to balance the "tougher" top of your head. Wrap your hair around the elastic band for a more polished look, or let your neon elastic show (we never hate adding a pop of colour!)

What do you think of the braided ponytail?

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