L’Oréal Color Trophy Extravaganza

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petals When I left the
LOréal Color Trophy last Sunday evening, my ears were still ringing from the bombastic cheering from the hair colour community—those artists sure can party. As I walked to the subway, I admired the specs of glitter covered my legs, laughed as I peeled confetti rose petals from the bottom of my shoes and couldn’t seem to stop smelling L’Oréal Professionnel Hairspray. It’s not every party you leave feeling covered in the true celebratory essence of art. In an event only fit for those truly devoted to hair, LOréal set out to crown and official winner of with the highest honour—the
2013 Color Trophy. It was the 13th year for the famed event, and the first time it was held in Toronto. After a delicious dinner, all eyes focused on the stage—something glamourous was certainly coming out way. First, models stormed the stage sporting Lucian Matis gowns. Next, a flurry of rose petals exploded (see above)—inspiring roaring cheers from the audience. Later, we were treated to a hypnotism show (quite impressive, albeit scary at times), a live competition among nine master stylists and a fall trends presentation by L’Oréal Professionel Portfolio Arist Eric Zemmour, who left the audience screaming with delight. To read about the difficult judging process, click here.

TESTING TIME My involvement to help judge the Editor’s Choice award was intense, and challenging. I mean, we were evaluating the best colour in the country! Sounds easy enough, right?  “Remember, the cut needs to complement the colour,” coached Anna Pacitto, Artistic Director for L’Oréal Professionel Canada, as the judges team huddled backstage before the official judging. “Shine and styling are crucial elements as well,” she noted. "Don’t forget about the clothing, and how everything works together," quipped another judge. "Also, it should suit the model’s face shape, colouring, ect..," mentioned another judge. I looked down at my score card—we were evaluating the overall look, too. By the time I finished writing down all of the qualities, I wondered if my serial killer-like jottings would come in handy once the models were in front of us. It also became hard because the abundance of talent was staggering. I narrowed it down to my top four, then painfully, my top three. I knew my favourite pick the moment I saw multiple colours weaved into the exact places where the hair was set into a glossy, Rita Hayworth-esque wave. The model’s styling was minimal, her ankle strapped pumps on trend, and her makeup was gorgeous without distracting from the hair. So when I was lucky enough to present the award fro Editor’s Choice to the skilled colourists at Ricci Hair Co., I squealed with delight. Other winners included:

  • Men’s Colour: Studio H
  • Next Generation: Guylain Martel Artistes Coiffures
  • Public Choice: Taz Hair Co
  • Editor’s Choice: Ricci Hair Co
  • Lancôme Award for Best Makeup: Blushes


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